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Our one day excursions take you on a journey around some of the most beautiful places in Campania. Sit back and relax while you soak up the fascinating cultural history and scenic wonders of this stunning region.

The One Day Excursion Package provides:


Head out to Capri and take a boat trip around this beautiful island, where you can admire a dramatic coastline of creeks, small hidden bays, grottos and caves. Here you can observe one of the richest habitats on Earth in the crystal clear waters. Tour the island’s past, with constructions from ancient Greece, Roman times and the Middle Ages. Included in the tour is also a trip to the world famous blue grotto, known for its impressive size and the colour of the water which seems to glow vivid electric blue.

Ischia islandIschia

Ischia, off the coast of Naples, is a naturalistic gem of an island. Poets and artists alike have fallen in love with the crystal clear waters and stunning scenery. Take a boat trip around the island, and admire and bathe in the limpid waters, followed by a visit to the thermal spas where you can relax and let the hot mineral water rejuvenate you, and even have some relaxing beauty treatments. Follow this up with a tour of the stunning historic buildings and lunch in one of the many fine restaurants.

NaplesNaples, Pompeii, Hercolaneum

No trip to Campania would be complete without a tour of Naples. Beautiful, cosmopolitan and above all chaotic, this uniquely Italian metropolis will leave you both energised and fascinated. Naples has a rich history and cultural heritage,  and on your trip you will discover that its art and architecture reflect this. Fancy a touch of shopping? This is the perfect opportunity! As for lunch... a visit to Naples must include pizza - this is where it was born, as we know it today, and it is still an important part of Neapolitan cuisine.

PompeiiOn the same day we will take you to Pompeii, perhaps the most famous of all ruined Roman cities. This is because it was destroyed by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which perfectly preserved the town, fossilising it and its inhabitants and giving us an incredible insight into what life in Roman times was truly like. A visit to Pompeii is unforgettable and fascinating.





Less well-known but no less interesting than Pompeii is Herculaneum, another town buried by the same eruption that we will take you to see but that is less frequented by tourists and therefore is better preserved. Smaller than Pompeii, Herculaneum will give you the chance to really immerse yourself in history and understand a great deal about Roman life in just a few hours.

sorrentoSorrento, Positano

The Amalfi and Sorrento coasts, famous for their beauty and for their lemons and lemon based products, are certainly worth seeing. Positano is one of the most popular celebrity holiday destinations in Italy and with good reason: beautiful beaches, quaint villas and delicious food abound in this town. Fashion is also important here, with Positano silk and Positano sandals being some of the most sought after in the world.



After visiting Positano, we will take you to the beautiful town of Sorrento, which is only a  half hour bus journey away, and there you can spend time enjoying its orange and lemon groves and the ruins still visible behind the modern town, as well as taking a walk along the sun drenched beaches and savouring a drink in one of the many characteristic bars. If you fancy exploring, there are many alleys known as "vicoli" along which are hidden quaint little boutiques, bars and restaurants.

amalfi-coastAmalfi, Ravello

Amalfi, famous for lemons and limoncello, as well as for being the very first maritime republic, is situated right on the seafront at the centre of the coastline to which it gives its name. There are many shops selling everything from traditional limoncello and ceramics to modern day swimwear, and the town is full of quaint little bars to have an espresso or, if you wish, an ice-cream in. For those who want to explore beyond the main drag, there is also a spectacular cathedral and a series of museums including the old paper factory.



Travelling further North, along the winding, lemon scented roads of the coast that look as though they could drop you into the turquoise sea at any time, you find Ravello, perched 350 metres above sea level, giving a perfect view of the rest of the beautiful Amalfi Coast. The unique thing about Ravello is that only aristocratic or very wealthy families lived there in the past, meaning that there are many wonderfully preserved villas and mansions which can be toured even today along with their beautiful gardens filled with lemon trees and cypresses.

paestum-templesPaestum, Certosa di Padula, Grotte di Pertosa

Paestum has the best preserved ancient Greek temples known to man, and it is worth a visit for this alone. However, it also offers you a chance to relax, with its long meandering beaches and warm shallow waters to bathe in before having a drink or a light lunch "al fresco" in one of the many seaside bars and moving on to the next cultural hotspot.



certosa-di-padulaSaid hotspot has to be Certosa di Padula, further down the Cilento coast. This beautiful old monastery stretches for more than 51 square kilometres, with 500 doors, 550 windows and 52 flights of stairs making it one of the largest monasteries in the world. Aside from its size, it is also famous for the beauty of its architecture, which shows influences from across the centuries, making this stop fascinating for those interested in history and architecture.



grotte-pertosaMoving on to the Angel of Pertosa Grotto, the tour carries on its cultural theme as you explore caves that were first inhabited in the Stone Age and were used as places of worship by the Greeks and Romans. In order to reach the caves, stretching over 2,500 metres with their magnificent stalactite formations, you have to cross an underground lake which brings you to a waterfall within the cave itself.  Visitors exit this amazing natural construction spellbound.

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