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stag party A stag party is about the groom having fun with his friends and celebrating both the single life of the past and the life as a couple of the future, and what better place to celebrate than Italy? We can help to make sure that your stag party in Italy goes off with a bang...

Whether you are the groom or the best man organising on behalf of the groom, you will have to think about planning this stag party if you want it to be memorable. So what do you have to take into consideration? Timing for one: if you are planning on coming out to Italy, especially in the high season, we say book you flights early! This way you don’t find yourselves with ridiculously high airfares to contend with. The same goes for accommodation, although to a lesser extent.
Aside from this, you need to make sure the groom gets the stag night he wants and deserves. For this reason, even if you are the best man, please consult the groom! Ask him about how much he can spend (this goes for the other party members too of course) who he wants to be there and what style of stag party he wants.
This, then, is the main question... what kind of stag party will the groom be looking for? Well you will certainly know him better than most, but again, if you are not sure ASK! If both you and the groom are stuck for ideas, or are undecided on what is best, then just take a look at our stag party ideas for inspiration.

Dos and Dont’s

There are a few basic dos and don’ts when it comes to organising a stag party. Here are just a few:

  • DO... Consult with the groom to see what he wants
  • DO... Plan ahead. If you don’t, you could find yourselves at a loss for things to do and places to go.
  • DO... Let the groom check in with the bride. It will keep them both sane!
  • DO... Consider enlisting professional help to organise a stag do overseas
  • DON’T... Forget the budget. Sometimes you might have to cut back if someone important to the groom can’t afford something.
  • DON’T... Get carried away, especially if it is right before the wedding rehearsal dinner – you don’t want to show up hung-over, smelling of vodka and with an array of bruises!
  • DON’T... Drive if you’ve been drinking – hire a driver or get a taxi.
  • DON’T... Forget to have fun!

Most of all, remember the first and last points. This is about the groom, and it’s about having fun... happy planning!

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