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beach honeymoon in ItalyThink Italy, and you think above all of romance. A blend of fascinating landscapes, beautiful cities, intriguing culture and history, exquisite cuisine and fine wine under the Mediterranean sky are a recipe for love, romance and a honeymoon to remember, no matter where in this beautiful country you choose to go.

Culture vultures can spend time in one of Italy’s unique cities, choosing from Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, Catania and more, or might decide to hop between two or three of them for a richer experience of the romantic Italian lifestyle and to experience the diverse beauty of these incredible metropolises. Rome is the place for beautiful churches and Roman ruins; Naples is the home of Italian theatre; Florence the birthplace of the Renaissance; Venice the natural home of romance and Catania famous for its Baroque architecture and Greek and Roman ruins half buried by the eruptions of Mount Etna.

If you are more of a beach bum then you are spoilt for choice. The South of Italy in particular boasts a selection of areas perfect for relaxing and enjoying each other’s company  by the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea. The three coasts of Amalfi, Sorrento and Cilento, which are famous for their rugged beauty, lemon groves and clear blue waters, are perhaps the best known. Add the Salento and Gargano coasts in the up and coming area of Apulia for a taste of Mediterranean paradise in an area practically untouched by tourism and thus clinging to all those wonderful local traditions. Add the islands and their sandy coasts as well as all of the other seaside areas and you might find yourself utterly undecided over what area to head for!

Those who like the peace and quiet of the countryside and time to take in the stunning scenery that Italy has to offer while soaking up the atmosphere of these beautiful rural areas and sampling delicious food and wine will naturally gravitate towards the rolling hills of Tuscany and the lush green slopes of Umbria in the very heart of the country. Other areas of natural tranquillity include the Lake district with its silvery waters and beautiful greenery and the beautiful area of Tuscia, just outside Rome and once home to the Etruscans.

If you are undecided or cannot agree between yourselves which kind of honeymoon is right for you then you might also want to think about a “mixed bag”, perhaps starting with a few days by the beach to relax after the festivities, before a tour of one of Italy’s beautiful cities for a taste of culture and, of course, the nightlife, and finally a retreat to a spa among the green wooded hills to recover in time to go home fresh, glowing and even more in love than before...

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