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romantic-dinnerDreamwedding Italy also suits those who, tired of the usual routine accompanying a wedding anniversary, seek that extra edge to turn their celebration into
something unforgettable

Precisely for this reason our team wishes to present a "History of marriage by colours" with which to follow all of our clients over the years in order that they can create a unique experience for every blissful occasion. Inspired by an old folk tradition that associates the different stages of married life with certain colours, we have decided to set up thirteen "life stories" from the first to the sixtieth anniversary of marriage, with the setting, dinner and dress style in total harmony with the colour and theme that the occasion traditionally is based upon.

Dream Wedding will always be alongside those who want to keep that spark in their marriage over time...

1st Anniversary Paper Wedding
5th Anniversary Wood Wedding
10th Anniversary Tin Wedding
15th Anniversary Crystal Wedding
20th Anniversary China Wedding
25th Anniversary Silver Wedding
30th Anniversary Pearl Wedding
35th Anniversary Coral Wedding
40th Anniversary Ruby Wedding
45th Anniversary Sapphire Wedding
50th Anniversary Golden Wedding
55th Anniversary Ivory Wedding
60th Anniversary Diamond Wedding

...helping you choose a location, setting, lunch/dinner menu, dress and MORE...

Each anniversary will be planned according to your tastes and desires. START FINDING A PERFECT LOCATION, OR CONTACT US.

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