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Was there ever a movie talking about a love matter more famous and funny than American Pie? As all of you know well enough, the series finished with the main character, Michel and James getting married in quite moving and romantic atmosphere. Let us take some advantage of this wonderful comedy to help you plan your big wedding day!

First of all you will need a fiancé: possibly a high school sweetheart.
Just a normal person, a little weird in the eyes of your friends, but a person without which you cannot live you realize!

Than a bunch of friends, almost as mad as you: to keep your spirits high in moments of doubts, to teach you dance, well, you know, just to be around. And of course the families: from two totally different cultural background, like Sun and Moon: the conservative and almost strange in laws and your parents, who know about you more that you could wish!

As a bride you will need a beautiful younger sister, recently dumped by her boyfriend: apart from being your bridesmaid, she will become a reason for many funny situations to happen and some of your friends’ unexpected and totally wrong change, which eventually will go right. Then of course you won’t avoid the problems with wedding dress: true for you, you want to look best you can, as do every bride and you dream about having the most fabulous wedding dress you can imagine. But after visiting some shops you realize there’s nothing you actually would like to wear apart from a wedding dress designed for you and you only... But don’t worry your beloved husband to be is going to get it for you!

Next important thing will be to gather all families and friends together and to do lots of socializing: meetings in pubs, happy dinners with in laws, well so many things to do and places to visit! For the wedding itself, or just a few days before go together to the wedding venue: here you will have a lovely rehearsal dinner with funny toasts, dancing and mountains of delicious food. Somewhere really beautiful where all of you will be able to relax after stress of last days. And since the American Pie protagonist chose their wedding location to be a luxury hotel by the ocean, it might be an idea to chose a special wedding venue in Italy... somewhere by the sea under sun and azure sky of Mediterranean or in relaxing, green countryside surrounded by nature?

Well, for all those, who just want their wedding to be a romantic escape from the world and everyday problems, here are some stunning Italian wedding venues, perfect for your own American Pie wedding!

Des Etrangers Hotel Sicily

des-etrangers-hotel-thumbRefined elegance, attention to details, delicious cuisine and lots of dedications from the staff. All to make your wedding day a fabulous and very personal one.
Hotel Des Etrangers in Sicily is a perfect wedding venue. Located just in the heart of Syracuse, it offers you exclusive weddings, performed with professionalism in all aspects: delicious cuisine, classy decorations and of course warm reception for you and your guests.

Hotel Excelsior Pesaro Marche

excelsior_pesaro_introWith beautiful sandy beach, comfortable rooms and professional services this is just a palce for you to say “I do”.

In beautiful, sea side location of Pesaro, Hotel Excelsior invites you for a special event. Your wedding. By the beach or in one of hotel’s spacious halls, you and your guests will experience unforgettable emotions and beautiful panoramas to be cherished forever.


Parco la Serra Apulia

parco-la-serra-thumbExperience and professionalism of the staff, best quality products, lots of care and dedication: do you need anything else?

Located in picturesque location of Castellana Gortte, Parco la Serra is a wonderful wedding venue for summer and winter time weddings.
Beautiful and fragrant gardens, spacious and comfortable halls will fill up with happy voices and music for your special wedding day.


Riva Marina Resort Apulia

Riva_Marina_thumbModern design and traditional Italian hospitality.
Delicious food and beautiful space where to celebrate your wedding day.

This modern in its design location lies in one of most beautiful places in Italy: Salento Coast. Here you will relax in comfortable SPA complex, while dedicated staff will take care of every aspect of your wedding, bringing it to highest of perfectionism.



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