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Italy is a stunningly beautiful country with many wonderful places, be they man made constructions or natural phenomena.
So how do you decide what to see first? We at Dream Wedding have put together a guide to what we feel are the most beautiful or interesting place in the country.

It is up to you, however,  to decide what kind of itinerary you want to follow! Do you want to see the pretty little beaches, stunning rock foundations and crystal clear waters of the coast? Or are you more interested in cultural journey through ancient times in Italy, from Greek temples to Roman ruins? Perhaps you would rather see the cities, and visit art galleries and theatres... or a mixture of all three? It is up to you, but it is guaranteed that you will find something you want to see.

Città del VaticanoThe Vatican City is the world’s smallest state, with an area of just 0.17 square miles and less than 800 inhabitants, none of whom are permanent residents.
The spiritual centre of the Roman Catholic church, the Vatican city is one of the places to see when in Rome - whether you are religious or not.

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Gravina di PugliaGravina in Puglia is a pretty historic town, unusual at first glance for the way it seems to grow out of the rocky landscape on which is is built. The truly fascinating thing about it is that in part it is one with the terrain, with an underground city to dicover as well as the overground one to explore.

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Trulli di Alberobello

A trullo (plural trulli) is a kind of drystone construction specific to the Itria valley in Salento. Normally whitewashed, these small conical dwellings stand out on the landscape as a quaint reminder of the past.


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Castellana CavesThe Castellana caves in Salento are a fascinating winding complex of underground passages and caverns, with breathtakingly beautiful natural structures, unexpected twists, turns and niches and pools of shadow and light created by the holes in the cavern walls through which shafts of sunlight flood.

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Venice on highThe Serinissima as Venice is often called is a unique and fascinating city of romance, music, history and culture. The city gives us a look into a completely different way of life, where canals usurp roads and busses are replaced by boats of various types and sizes.

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