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Italy is a stunningly beautiful country with many wonderful places, be they man made constructions or natural phenomena.
So how do you decide what to see first? We at Dream Wedding have put together a guide to what we feel are the most beautiful or interesting place in the country.

It is up to you, however,  to decide what kind of itinerary you want to follow! Do you want to see the pretty little beaches, stunning rock foundations and crystal clear waters of the coast? Or are you more interested in cultural journey through ancient times in Italy, from Greek temples to Roman ruins? Perhaps you would rather see the cities, and visit art galleries and theatres... or a mixture of all three? It is up to you, but it is guaranteed that you will find something you want to see.

rome_underground_4Where to go when visiting Rome? Well, the touristic standards: Colosseum, San Peter’s, Forum, churches and museums... Ok, you’ve already seen these, and so did everyone else who visited Rome.  But what’s most surprising is hidden beneath the surface.
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cinque_terre_thumbAn enchanting and spectacular region surrounded by sea and mountains, the unspoilt Interior will surely transport you back in time. If you are planning your honeymoon in Italy, hold on a second to find out what a mini-cruise in Liguria through its famous and wonderful Cinque Terre.

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amalfitan-coast-thumbCampania is one of most charming Italian regions. With wonderful landscapes, delicious traditional cuisine and truly magic places to visit. And best way to fully enjoy and admire Campania’s marvels is via sea. Rent a boat and find out!
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pozzo-di-san-patrizio-italian-legend"UT POPULUS BIBAT"
In the province of Terni, southwestern Umbria on the flat summit of large butte of volcanic tuff lies the city of Orvieto, one of most spectacular European cities. Why is it so special? It’s panorama is counted for one of most dramatic in Europe. Iit rises above almost vertical stones of tuff cliffs, which are completed by defensive walls made of the same stone.
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pompei_thumb“Ashes were already falling, not as yet very thickly. I looked round: a dense black cloud was coming up behind us, spreading over the earth like a flood.” Pliny about the erupion of Vesuvius, which destroyed the city of pompeii killing many of its citizens.
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