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Sant'Agata - CataniaSicily’s second city (after Palermo) has been disturbed many times and even destroyed by earthquakes and the lava flows of Mount Etna, but despite being rebuilt it has lost none of its Baroque grandeur and beauty.

The city has been buried under lava seven times in known history, and beneath the current city are the remains of the Roman city that came before it and the Greek city before that. The tops of the amphitheatres, both Greek and Roman, can today be seen at street level, and there are places where the underground tunnels are accessible, although to venture there is generally considered to be dangerous.

The city is a Mecca for opera lovers, being the birthplace of the Composer Massimo Bellini. There is now an opera house named after him on the site of his birth at which you can go and watch and listen to various shows for a dose of Italian Culture.

Also worth seeing is the stunning Baroque cathedral in Piazza Duomo,  dedicated to the patron saint of the city, Sant’Agata. In front of the Cathedral there is also a famous  fountain featuring an elephant, the symbol of the city, and an obelisk.

The entire city pays homage to Sant’Agata once a year on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of February by taking part in processions and festivities held in her honour. Huge numbers of people participate, making it one of the largest Catholic festivals of its kind in the world, and the processions are extremely impressive, with floats from the 1700s, fireworks and much more.

Why not visit one of Sicily’s most fascinating cities and see the incredible festivities of Sant’Agata? Or come at any other time and enjoy the Baroque beauty and history of the place. It is perfect for an elegant wedding ceremony, and the area around it is wonderful for festivities immersed in the countryside or by the sea.

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