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UmbriaRight in the centre of Italy, surrounded on all sides by Tuscany, Marche and Lazio, this beautifully green region is an oasis of tranquillity for a wedding or honeymoon immersed in the natural beauty of the rolling hills, lush green valleys and silvery lakes.

The beauty of nature in the region is interrupted only by the presence of Baroque cities like the capital, Perugia, and quaint mountain villages where you can experience the true Italian lifestyle to the full.
Starting with the main city of Perugia, you can get your fill of Baroque architecture, restaurants and nightlife - it is a student city after all! The city is also famous for events such as the world renowned Umbria Jazz Festival, held each summer, and the oh-so-sweet celebration of chocolate, Eurochocolate, held there each October. It is quite fitting that such an international chocolate festival should be held there when you consider that Perugia is famous all over Italy for cioccolato perugina, a sweet dark chocolate popular throughout Italy.

If the chocolate has whet your appetite, then continue your journey along the gastronomic path of Umbria, tasting local delicacies such as delicious seasoned hams, spicy salami and dried sausage with fennel. Also not to be missed are the cheeses, including savoury ricotta and plenty of delicious sheep’s cheeses.  Local ingredients are transformed lovingly by residents to create specialities including various kinds of bruschetta, gnocchi and pasta with game, truffles and cheeses of all kinds, rich roast meat dishes accompanied by lentils, onions and peppers and finally delicious sweets to die for including nociata, made with honey, nuts and eggs and various cakes, biscuits and doughnuts flavoured with pine nuts.
Once you have eaten your fill, you can relax on the terraces of a private villa or in the gardens of a medieval castle, or, if you are feeling energetic, go hiking in one of the many forests found on the hillsides and in the valleys, perhaps finding your way down to one of the lakes. You will be stunned by the beauty of your surroundings and the oceans of green around you... there are places in the Umbrian countryside which feel so deserted you could almost believe you are alone in the world... perfect for a romantic wedding or honeymoon!

So if you can imagine yourselves walking hand in hand through the enchanted Umbrian scenery, then why not consider one of our beautiful venues in the area for a wedding in a magical place, or for a relaxed and tranquil honeymoon enjoying the breathtaking scenery, beautiful architecture and exquisite cuisine of this region.

Wedding venues in Umbria:

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