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Tremiti Islands - ApuliaApulia is one of Italy’s most Southern regions and is relatively unknown to tourists, despite having some of the most beautiful beaches and Mediterranean landscapes in the country as well as being home to many small companies producing typical Italian products such as wine, cheese and olive oil. The Tremiti Islands are a gem off the coast of Apulia, and the perfect place for a daytrip.

This isolated archipelago is a haven for sea life as it has been declared a marine park, and for this reason it is the perfect place for snorkelling, swimming and diving among the crystal clear waters. There is a huge variety of flora and fauna including coral, moray eels, octopuses and a range of brightly coloured fish to be discovered by nature lovers and those wanting to try something a bit different.

In addition to this, the beaches are tiny yet beautiful, and the best time to enjoy them is in the late afternoon when most day-trippers have gone home and you have the place to yourself, to relax on the white sands and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the sound of the crystalline sea lapping on the shore. You might feel like you are in the tropics, but this is a characteristic of Apulia in general.

Perched on the rugged limestone cliffs, you will also find the Tremiti Monastery, partially built on and partially carved into the rocks. You can go hiking, boat hop from one small island to another, or enjoy a pizza at one of the excellent trattorias. Above all however, these islands are for relaxing on, whether this is before the big event to calm your nerves, after it to relax and unwind, or just as part of a romantic holiday for two.

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