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pozzo-di-san-patrizio-italian-legend"UT POPULUS BIBAT"
In the province of Terni, southwestern Umbria on the flat summit of large butte of volcanic tuff lies the city of Orvieto, one of most spectacular European cities. Why is it so special? It’s panorama is counted for one of most dramatic in Europe. Iit rises above almost vertical stones of tuff cliffs, which are completed by defensive walls made of the same stone.


But the greatest marvel of the city is so called Saint Patrick’s well, named so because of its resemblance to legendary Irish well, which was suppose to be the gateway to the hereafter. Well, of course the Orvieto’s has no magic or paranormal properties. It was built between 1527–1537 by the order of late pope Clement VII, as a part of defenses to provide the water for the city in case of invasion. Projected by Antonio da Sangallo, it is a true architectonic and hydraulic masterpiece, considering the complex structure of the well.


When approached from the ground level it is a circular building with low stone walls, with two doors the entrance and exit. Made in a form of two cylinders, one smaller and one inside larger one, it reaches the surfaces the spring surface on about 62 meters and is large around 13 meters. What is so incredible about it you would ask? Well, it has two sets of independent stairs – ascending and descending  - to make easier the traffic of person (and mules as well) who came to take water. You go down the entrance stairs, than cross a little bridge over the surface to reach the exit stairs.


The well is light by 72 big windows, which are making the inside of the building to look really strange and eerie.
Going down the stairs you are descending toward the darkness and deepness of the earth, a long trip at the end of which you see water, the life’s spring.
But there are some thing about the well that are really curious. The two staircases for example, of which every one counts 248 steps are identical in their geometric structure to double DNA helix, which was discovered only in 1951. That’s not all because the perspective plays tricks on visitors. The descending person will find themselves face to face with ascending people, to which others going down in a front or behind may seems to be really far away.
The well very fast gained the name of one of the three Orvieto’s marvels, and become an attraction for travelers, but the name Saint Patrick’s well was given to it just in 18th century, after being long used by nearby monastery monks as a Saint Patrick’s purgatory.


The Umbria is a wonderful region, full of surprises and magic places to discover. The history, the beauty of the landscape make it one of most visited regions. And most beloved by destination wedding couples. Lovely castles, villas and converted  monasteries of the “green heart of Italy” are perfect  locations for a truly amazing, mysterious and romantic wedding. And as we are location specialists, today we would like to introduce to you one of our most lovely Umbrian locations:


A truly amazing wedding location just outside the Perugia is Castello dell’ Oscano. History, charm and wonderful atmosphere will accompany you through all your stay!



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