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wedding_in_sicilyThe biggest island of Mediterranean. A place often called "Land of contradictions". Sicily, one of most beautiful Italian regions and islands is place often chosen by tourist from all over the world.

Sicily is a place where some of most charming and beautiful hotels and villas are situated, a thing which makes the island perfect wedding location.

How To Get To Sicily

The best way to arrive in Sicily swift and comfy of course is to take an airplane. The island has two major airports: the Falcone Borsellino airport in Palermo and Vincenzo Bellini Airport in Catania. The Palermo’s airport is one of the most busy in Italy, as it handled 4 367 342 passengers from national and international destinations in 2010. The airport is located 35 km from Palermo, so it is necessary to provide another mean of transport, as for example train, which leaves every 30 minutes and take you to and fro through panoramic route.


The second airport, the Bellini’s is the region original first airport built back in 1924. As well it handles incoming and outgoing flights to Italian and international destinations from all the world. To reach the airport with the public transport, you’ll have to catch so called alibus, or better the bus number 457, with departures every 20 minutes, from 5am till midnight. Another interesting option is to get to Sicily via sea: you can visit Italian mainland and then travel from Naples to one of Sicilian ports.

Sicily Sights, Activities, and Travel Information


However, be sure that once arrived there you won’t be likely to leave. Sicily, its culture, tradition, beauty and of course delicious food will bewitch you and charm you. From the first encounter you’re going to love Sicily: it lively coastlines full of entertainment, beautiful beaches full of sun; historical monuments and wild nature of mountains. Sicily is great producer of citrus fruits, almonds, vegetables, olive oil and vine of course. Especailly fertile land surrounding the still active volcano: Etna are place from where some of best Italian wines originate. Hover the island’s geographical position not always was the source of benefits: different populations were trying to conquer this beautiful place as centuries passed, a thing which didn’t harm the island, but add instead  to its culture, tradition and culinary.

Eating in Sicily


Speaking about Sicilian cuisine; no good Sicilian meal would ever start without antipasti (starters). Very popular are vegetable based servings such as Caponata made with eggplants with olives cappers and celery in sweet sour sauce; Arancine balls of rice with tomatoes (photo above), mozzarella meat sauce coated in beard crumbs and deep fried or Gatò di patate, a kind of potatoes cheese pie.

Best sicilian recipe

The first course: pasta inevitably, garnished wtith variety of condiments, ranging from vegetables based sauces, meat based sauces and of course fish and seafood condiments. Spaghetti ai ricci, prepared with sea urchins, pasta alla Norma with eggplants or pasta alle sarde are highly typical Sicilian pasta dishes.

best sicilian recipe Cannolo
credits ecocasavacanze

After the second course is served: it can be either meat or fish based dish. But we are just to come seto the great masterpiece of Sicilian culinary art: sweets and desserts. For those with sweet tooth, Sicily will seems to be a paradise. Produced of only natural and locally grown products sweets and cakes will steal hearts of many and surely break the diet regime of most. Almonds, ricotta, honey and candied fruits are basics for preparation of delicacies famed all over the world: the Cassata, delicious sweet cake made of ricotta cheese, candied fruits, almond paste and sponge cake; frutti di Martorana: marzipan shaped like fruits and painted, canolli siciliani and of course the super famous granite. Another product for which Sicily is famous and which you’ll often have occasion to taste is wine. The best known one is Nero d’Avola, delicious red wine produce in vicinity of Syracuse. For dessert however you should try the sweet and full Marsala from Malvasia delle Lipari.



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