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Campania - ItalySituated on the South West of the Italian peninsula,  Campania is the perfect example of an Italian region complete with everything that makes Italy so beautiful.
It has beaches, some long and meandering, like those South of Salerno...

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It has beaches, some long and meandering, like those South of Salerno, lined with beach front bars, coconut vendors and beach volleyball pitches. Others are smaller, jewel like patches, hidden like diamonds of white sand and deep blue water along some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world - the Amalfi, Sorrento and Cilento coasts.
This ragged coastline, home to celebrities such as Sophia Loren, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Italy. Fragrant lemon groves from which the famous lemon liqueur Limoncello is made nestle among the rocky outcrops, and the towns seem almost carved into the sheer cliff face that drops into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean below, and tourists and Italians alike enjoy myriad ice-cream flavours while walking along the sea front. Much of the Cilento coast is National Park, and pains have been taken to preserve its natural beauty, which is spectacular. Mystical grottos, wild flowers and stunning turquoise waters abounding with fish are all to be found here, along with some of the best preserved ancient Greek ruins in the world at Paestum, for the more culturally minded. Some of the best fish restaurants in Italy can be found in this beautiful area.
Campania is therefore exceptionally well suited to a beach wedding or to wedding in one of the many beautiful hotels on the coast, but what about inland? Although less famous, Campania also has some beautiful mountains on which sleepy villages perch and olive groves and vineyards abound. If you choose to visit the mountains in Campania, you can celebrate your wedding in a beautiful farmhouse or mountain villa, or for an outdoors wedding, a garden or even a vineyard. Holidays in agriturisimi in the mountains also offer you the chance to see how fine Italian wine or extra-virgin olive oil is made, and perhaps even to help with the production.


The most important city in Campania is undoubtedly Naples, the birthplace of pizza. Bustling, chaotic and filled to the brim with rich and varied culture, this is a city so full of life that it cannot fail to overflow, so that each visitor takes something of it away with them. Naples has a mixed cultural heritage, having been invaded by the Normans, the Byzantines, the French and the Spanish at various points in history, and this variety is reflected in the Art and Architecture of the city. Street performances are also very important, and for this reason it is enough to take a walk through the streets to catch a glimpse of popular Neapolitan culture.
Another city worth mentioning is Salerno, a pretty seaside city with plenty of nightlife and a perfect central point for those wanting to see the entire coast, as well as only a brief train ride or car journey from Naples.

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