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napoli-piazza-plebiscitoNaples, the most Italian of all Italian Cities. Beautiful, chaotic, cosmopolitan, fascinating, confusing. You could exhaust every adjective in the English language and still not be able to adequately describe the unique appeal of Campania's most important city.

Look in one direction over the city, and you see the Bay of Naples. Turn around, and you are presented with an urban sprawl.So what is there to do in Naples? What is there to see?

Golgo di NapoliFor one thing, you cannot leave then city without sampling a slice of pizza - after all, this is the birth place of the most famous of all Italian dishes, and is still where the best pizza in Italy is made.
Other tasty Neapolitan treats include spaghetti, cozze e vongole, a simple spaghetti dish made with fresh mussels and clams, and panzerotti, which are like miniature calzone pizzas with various fillings.
For those with a sweet tooth, the ice-creams are always excellent, or you can try babà, a rich spongey cake usually soaked in rum and sometimes served with whipperd cream, or sfogliatelle, which are cone-shaped pockets of filo pastry with a citrus flavoured ricotta centre.

For those who are interested in history, Naples has had an extremely eventful one! Invaded by the Normans, the Byzantines, the Lombards, the Spanish and the French, the people and culture of Naples are a real patchwork puzzle. The architecture of the city reflects this with gothic spires like that of San Domenico mixing with the romanesque style of Piazza Dante the Spanish built Castel Nuovo. For something a little different there are also the catacombes of San Gennaro, some of the most extensive in Europe complete with stunning frescoes and mosaics, or you could visit Europe's oldest aquarium, built in the 1800s and still full of the flora and fauna of the Bay of Naples.

Music and theatre are also incredibly important to the city, and Italy's largest theatre, Teatro San Carlo, is to be found there, alongside street acts and open air festivals in the summer.

Gallery in NaplesThis is a city so full of life that it cannot help to leave its mark on the visitor. If you enjoy cities and are interested in Italian history, then this is a great place to visit, and a spectacular location for a wedding. If you want to visit the city but not stay there, then try one of our great locations in the province of Naples.


Hotels in Naples

A hotel wedding is perfect for those who want a stress free reception. Hotels come in various stlyes, from grand and traditional to modern chic, to cosy and intimate - it is just a question of deciding what sort of hotel is best suited to you.
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Villas and castles in Naples

A wedding in a villa or castle allows for true fairytale style. You are bound to feel like a princess in one of our beautiful villas or castles.
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Agritourisms in Naples

For gourmet couples and those who enjoy nature, then a wedding in an agritourism is perfect. Relaxed and intimate, you can enjoy the best food and wine produced locally while celebrating with your nearest and dearest. You will also be able to find out exactly how the food is produced if you wish, and even participate in some of the work.
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Restaurants in Naples

A wedding in a restaurant is for you if you want to sit back, relax and be waited on in an environment that can range from intimate and warm, to grand and formal.
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