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Caserta Royal PalaceThe Royal Palace of Caserta was built in the 18th century as a royal residence for the Bourbon king, Carlo VII of Naples, and was designed by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli.
What strikes you first when you look at the Reggia, is how familiar it seems... but where from? You may have visited Versailles, or maybe only seen images of it on the television or in films such as The Man in the Iron Mask, but the resemblance is uncanny, and not totally coincidental.

The Reggia was in fact based upon Versailles but in terms of size, and, according to some, design and beauty, it in fact exceeded its rival to become one of the best known palaces in Europe and, eventually, a UNESCO world heritage site.
It is exceptionally beautiful for the fact that it seamlessly combines the majestic beauty of its buildings, natural woodland, a manicured park and garden area and even a hunting lodge and silk factory. Taking a tour around the buildings and grounds of this stunning place takes you on a trip back in time, and inspires the sensation that you are truly touching history, and the mixture of baroque and classic artwork make a unique aesthetic impact.

the artistic fountains of Caserta Royal PalaceIf you are interested in art, architecture or history, then this is a must see place if you plan on having your honeymoon or wedding in the area. Within easy reach of Naples and the Sorrento Coast it is an interesting an relaxing break to be taken from wedding planning.
You may even find that you are inspired to recreate a touch of the 18th century at your wedding!


If you are inspired then you might consider the following ideas:

  • A luxuriously embroidered dress  with flashes of gold, red or royal blue and a full skirted gown with bodice will take you back to the days of the kings and courts. A colourful version for your bridesmaids and bouffant styles with elaborate updos will have the girls looking the part! The men should go for ruffled shirts and long tailed jackets, and as most will not want to wear a white wig, an 18th century style brimmed hat will do the trick.
  • For the reception, you will want to be able to dance! There must be space for ballroom dancing, preferably in a sumptuous hall dripping with chandeliers. Decoration should be in vivid colours with gold accents, and embroidered table cloths with elaborate cutlery, napkins and wine chalices will add to that old-time luxurious feel. Fabrics are rich, with velvet and damask taking centre stage. Bouquets and floral arrangements should be sumptuous and in colours fitting your chosen scheme.
  • The food is important and there should be lots of it! A proper 18th century banquet would have included  plenty of roasted meats, and one option to make an impact is to have a large joint of meat as a central point to the meal. Aside from this, you can use your imagination! The cake can be decorated to be in theme, with gold ribbons and patterns in rich colours. It would traditionally be good old fashioned fruit cake, but really the choice is yours

Whether you want to use some of these ideas, or the Reggia inspires something completely different in you, it is definitely worth seeing, so why not have a look at some of the wonderful locations nearby?



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