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Venice GondolasWhen you imagine Venice, with its elegant buildings, beautiful bridges, wooden walkways, romantic restaurants and  canal system it is impossible not to think of Gondolas. These traditional boats have to be the most romantic way possible of getting around the Serenissima.


The gondola was designed as the chief mode of transport in Venice, and the vessel is, in fact, perfectly adapted to the Venetian lagoon with its flat bottom and easy manouverability. When gondolas were still being used as everyday transportation , up until about two hundred years ago, they were equipped with little cabins and curtains to protect the passengers from the weather, and from unwelcome attention.
With the development of motorised boats and the inevitable eventual decrease in prices, there was the risk that the gondola would become obselete - especially when the Vaporetto (water bus) was introduced to provide public transport. Luckily, Venice had become a major tourist attraction in the 18th century, and its popularity continued into modern times allowing the gondolas to be put to good use transporting tourists.
Gondola design was still being developed until the middle of the 20th century, before a law was passed halting this to protect the heritage of the design. There are very few gondola making yards, known as “squeri”, remaining, but those that have survived all make gondolas to specification, with 280 individual pieces made of 8 different kinds of wood, and a longer left side than right side to make the vessel easier to control. Nowadays the making, management and rowing of gondolas is under the tutelage of a guild which issues licenses to gondaliers after checking their credentials and having them sit an exam.

Our advice for a perfect gondola ride is to go in the morning or late afternoon if you are going for a summer visit, to keep out of the heat of the sun, and to arrange a price beforehand, otherwise you might find yourself paying more than you want. A daytime trip costs about 80 euros, but if you choose a romantic evening gondola ride it may go up a bit!
If you fancy seeing Venice the traditional way, or if a romantic, serenaded evening gondola ride sounds like the trip of your dreams, then why not take a trip to Venice and have your wedding or honeymoon there?  You might want to arrive in style at the venue - on a gondola of course - or even choose to get married on a gondola!
There are some absolutely beautiful locations in and around the city, and it has to be one of the most romantic places to get married in the world.

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