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Castellana CavesThe Castellana caves in Salento are a fascinating winding complex of underground passages and caverns, with breathtakingly beautiful natural structures, unexpected twists, turns and niches and pools of shadow and light created by the holes in the cavern walls through which shafts of sunlight flood.

Although the locals were always aware of the caves’ existence, it was not until 1938 that the speleologist Franco Anelli, while on an exploratory tour of Salento on behalf of the local tourist board, descended into the caves and realised they had potential. After structural work was completed in 1939, the caves were open to the public and by 1977 the five millionth visitor had walked in awe through its natural halls and corridors.

Visitors can tour the caves all year round, starting with the Grave (abyss), the only cavern connected with the exterior. This spacious hall has a natural skylight which creates a shaft of brilliant sunshine falling to the floor, and it leads on to a series of further areas with imaginative names... The She-Wolf, The Monuments, The Owlet, The Madonna, The Altar, The Fallen Column, The Red Corridor, The Dome. Each is full of its own wonders, from curtains of rock that seem to flow like water, to stalagtites and stalagmites, to majestic columns and precious crystals that sparkle from their places embedded in the walls.

The most famous of all the caves however is the Grotta Bianca or White Grotto, so called because its beautiful natural formations are all of the purest shining alabaster white - the finest in the world.
If you and your loved one fancy touring a wonderful underground world of natural art and breathtaking architecture, then you will love the Castellano Caves.

Why not pick one of our beautiful locations in Apulia so you can visit the caves in the run up to your wedding, or take a trip on your honeymoon?

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