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Trulli di Alberobello

A trullo (plural trulli) is a kind of drystone construction specific to the Itria valley in Salento. Normally whitewashed, these small conical dwellings stand out on the landscape as a quaint reminder of the past.


Based on thick whitewashed perimeter walls to keep the heat inside in winter, and to ensure the interior was cool in the heat of summer these buildings are symbolic of the Alberobello area. The thing that renders them recognisable is that they all have conical roofs, traditionally often decorated with a symbol such as the sign of the cross or the malocchio (evil eye).

The trulli were used as habitations by the people of the area, and almost all of them consisted of a single room with one door, in which all of family life took place.  Children often slept in niches carved into the walls, while the adults slept in the main room. Storage consisted of wooden beams upon which to hang household items , and in later times the roof space was often used as a secure storage area or even to house the children of larger families. Other trulli were also built onto the originals to increase their size, and in a way these were one of the first forms of modular building.

Nowadays the trulli are tourist attractions more than anything else, although some are used as barns or storage areas, and the best blace to see them is in Alberbello.  They are often bought and restored as holiday homes although the restoration has to be done in a certain way as the buildings are protected by UNESCO world heritage law. Some of them are even used as hotel accomodation for a truly unique experience.
If you want a taste of real old fashioned Italy, then why not head to Salento and explore the land of Trulli? There are many beautiful locations in the area that would be perfect for your wedding or honeymoon.

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