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GallipoliSalento is not a traditional tourist destination, which is rather hard to understand when you see the baroque castles, quaint little white-washed houses, beautiful clean beaches and fruitful olive groves and vineyards.

This area, in the region of Apulia, “the heel of the boot”, is blessed with a warm climate kissed by the Mediterranean sun, its long coastlines consist of beautifully sculpted cliffs plunging into the sparkling blue of the Mediterreanean with sandy beaches nestling in between, and inland is lushly green with wide expanses of land dedicated to the cultivation of grains, olives for some of Italy’s best olive oil, and grapes for the delicious wines which the area is famous for.

Tourist attractions give you plenty of chance to get a taste of the “real” Southern Italy. Sights include the chains of sleepy little fishing towns on the coast, where you can wander up and down and watch the people go about their lives, as well as tasting the freshest, most delicious fish you can imagine. Also worth seeing are the trulli, clusters of cone shaped whitewashed buildings found in agricultural land and used for storage, as barns and even as accomodation sometimes.
More traditional attractions include the nearby Tremiti Islands,  a Marine park with beautiful beaches and crystal clear, unpolluted waters absolutely teaming with fish which can be reached from the port of Peschici amongst others. Another impressive natural phenomenon to see is the network of beautiful underground caverns of Castellana Grotte.

For architecture lovers there is Lecce, a pretty Baroque town characterised by golden stonework covered in foliage and cherubs, whereas near Taranto you can admire atmospheric subterranean sanctuaries and Churches.
Looking for some nightlife? With Salento's main cities, Lecce, Taranto and Brindisi there will always be bars, restaurants and dancing, but some of the smaller towns boast their own nightlife too – including many places with traditional Apulian music and dancing... Salento is a area proud of its roots!
With baroque castles surrounded by green fields, rustic farmhouses immersed in vineyards and olive groves and elegant hotels on the sun kissed coastline, Salento is rich in beautiful wedding venues and honeymoon destinations, so why not get off the beaten track and discover the beauty of this less well known region of Italy?

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