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LecceWith its baroque architecture and Mediterranean atmosphere, the "Florence of the South" is off the beaten track for most visitors. Located in the Salento region, in the South East of the country, art lovers cannot fail to be impressed by the beauty and intricacies of this city.

In 1463 Lecce became part of the Kingdom of Naples, and it was around this time that the particular style of Baroque architecture to be found in Lecce really took off.  Ornate facades rendered in the soft pink sandstone of the area feature motifs ranging from cherubs, fruit and flowers to mythical beasts and wild animals. The best example of this stonework in the city is the Santa Croce Basilica, with columns, facades, balconies and balustrades all decorated in the Baroque fashion.
This peculiarity alone would make Lecce worth a visit, but in reality there is even more to see. The city is something of an open-air museum, and there are many monuments and buildings from times gone by all rendered in typical local sandstone by local masons. One construction well worth seeing is the Roman amphitheatre.
If this is not enough for the history lovers, you can also visit the local museum to take a trip back in time to see the remote Roman roots of this beautiful area.
Once you have seen the wonderful show of baroque architecture and Roman history, it is time to relax in the natural park, Parco di Rauccio, and tour the wooded areas full of rare and beautiful orchids and migrating bird species which vary depending on season. Immersed in the green of the park, it is easy to forget the vicinity of the city and believe yourself isolated from everyday cares and worries - exactly what you need on your honeymoon!
As if this was not enough, the area is also rich in culinary traditions, with restaurants preparing delicious dishes prepared with some of the very best in local ingredients, in particular olive oil and homemade bread and pasta. The wine is also of local provenance - Salice Salentino, a delicious, slightly tannic red, or hearty, robust Primitivo di Manduria.
So if you fancy visiting a city rich in art, architecture and cuisine on your honeymoon, but dream of having a wedding by the sea, then why not pick one of our wonderful Salento locations?

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