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capri-coastlineThe island of Capri calls up visions of stunning sea views, spectacular sandy beaches and rocky coastline, shopping in luxury boutiques, lazy summer evenings sipping wine and sampling fresh seafood dishes... and celebrities hiding behind silk scarves and oversized sunglasses. In truth, there is more to the island than this and the proof is in the different characters of its two main towns.



Capri Town

Capri town is everything that you would expect from the most exclusive destination in the Mediterranean. A town of luxury boutique shopping, daytrippers, five star hotels and chic bars and cafés. You can reach the town via funicular, bus or taxi from the main port, and spend the day getting lost in the maze of narrow streets lined with traditional whitewashed buildings and interspersed with squares.
An exploration of the streets of Capri also leads to some tourist sights, such as Punta Tragara, a point high above the Faraglioni rocks in the sea off the coast of the islanf, providing a fabulous view and a sensation of absolute freedom. It is also worth visiting the nearby Villa Jovis, a Roman imperial Villa, and the archeological digs open until around sunset. Finally, a stroll down the impressively engineered footpath, the Via Krupp, takes you from the town down to sea level and gives you the chance to sunbathe a little on the beaches and admire the natural beauty of the island before catching a bus back up to the town - you won’t want to climb all the way back up again!


Seen by some as the “true” Capri, Anacapri is situated on a plateau above the town of Capri itself and is full of Capri residents rather than tourists. The change in atmosphere is truly remarkable, with Anacapri having a tranquil, residential ambience perfect for a little relaxation after a hectic day touring the shops and sites of Capri Town. There are some beautiful hotels to stay in in Anacapri, as well as shops to fulfill all of your needs, and these are all considerably cheaper than those in Capri Town.
For history lovers, one of Capri’s most famous buildings, the Villa San Michele, once home to Swedish doctor and writer Axel Munthe, and still full of the curiosities he collected. There is also the San Michele church, renowned for its intricately painted majolica floor, and finally the “casa rossa” or red house, formerly the residence of an eccentric US colonel who painted the whole thing bright pompeian red, and now a small art museum.
Aside from the two main towns themselves, so very different to one another that they seem to be on two different islands,  there are also some absolutely stunning natural attractions including the Monte Solaro, peaceful and fragrant with flowers, and the magnificent Grotta Azzurra (blue cave) which is one of Capri’s main tourist attractions.

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