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Firenze - panoramaFlorence, or Firenze in Italian, is a beautiful city combining history and modernity, art and culture like no where else on Earth. It is the perfect wedding destination for those attracted to Italy by its artistic heritage, architecture and culture and for those who want to experience a break in one of the world’s most elegant cities.



With Roman roots and considered by historians to be the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is full of beautiful architecture that reminds us of its origins... from the still functioning Roman aqueduct in the centre and the ancient Roman amphitheatre in Fiesole, just ouside the city walls, to the 14th century bridge Ponte Vecchio, from the gothic style of the Cathedral to the many Renaissance buildings such as the Palazzo Pitti, this city vibrates with all of Italian history.


Other famous buildings in Florence include the Basilica di Santa Croce, another beautiful church with a simple design in the city centre, and the Uffizi Gallery, home to some of the world’s most famous works of art. There is always a queue of tourists outside of the Uffizi gallery, and for good reason - it is worth waiting to get in and see works by Botticelli, Michelangelo and Raphael amongst others.


The birthplace of Dante Alghieri, one of the most famous Italian writers of all times, Florence is also the birthplace of the Italian language as we know it today. Chosen by the state as the dialect to diffuse across the whole contry as standard because of its popularity with writers, academics and politicians, the Florentine dialect became the Italian language.

Food and Wine

Capital of Tuscany, home of Chianti the most famous Italian red wine, Florence is home to some fantastic wine bars in which to sip a delicious glass of Italy’s national drink. Combined with Florence’s most famous dish, the bistecca fiorentina, a tender steak from the Tuscan hills, you have the perfect simple, romantic dinner to share with your loved one in a typical Tuscan trattoria.
Imagine strolling through the historic centre, a world UNESCO site where most of the main attractions are located, and seeing the beautiful Renaissance architecture. Imagine admiring the designer boutiques before going shopping for precious gold jewellery on the Ponte Vecchio, also known as “the street of gold”. Savour a delicious Italian ice-cream or a short, sharp espresso while watching the world go by then head off to the Uffizi Gallery to enjoy the stunning works of art you have read about but never seen...

Florence is the perfect wedding or honeymoon destination, with something for everyone, and our beautiful Florentine locations have plenty to offer.

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