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weddings in SicilyHome to baroque churches, dramatic coastlines, delicious food and of course Mount Etna, Sicily is a patchwork of culture, architecture and landscapes to take your breath away.

The island is the largest in the Mediterranean, covering  an area of 25.460 km², and is also one of the most multicultural. In the past, it was occupied by the Europeans, Africans and Asians alike and their legacy remains in the architecture, culture and food of the region today.


Places to go in Sicily

One of the most fashionable places for overseas wedding parties to visit is Taormina on the East coast of the island. This small, picturesque town has been popular since the 19th century because of its beautiful beaches on the Ionian sea, its fascinating archaeological sites such as the beautifully preserved Greek amphitheatre that is today used to host pop concerts and other shows, and its delicious fresh food and almond wine.

Also worth visiting is the natural park around Mount Etna, with its abundance of flora and fauna, skiing in the winter and breathtakingly picturesque hikes in the summer.

The food in Sicily

Food to try in Sicily includes fresh fish dishes and simple pastas made with readily available, high quality ingredients such as capers, olives and tomatoes. Sicilian sweets are classically made with ricotta, and particularly well-known is the cannolo siciliano, a tube of pastry filled with lemon flavoured ricotta cream, and cassata, another ricotta based desert with Arabic origins which was the inspiration for our “tutti frutti” ice cream.

Another "must-try" in Sicily is granita. Granita can be found all over Italy and is generally ice slush with syrup flavourings, much like Slush Puppy in the UK or Slurpees in the US. In Sicily and some other regions in the South of Italy where lemons are grown however, the granita can still be found in its original guise; a sharp, refreshing beverage made of nothing but ice, fresh squeezed lemon juice, lemon rind and a pinch of sugar.

Sicilian Cities

The most important city in Sicily is undoubtedly Palermo, the regional capital. It is here that one can see the most obvious Spanish and Arabic influences, and the architecture of the city is varied and interesting. Why not take a tour of historic Palermo and visit the baroque churches, Roman villas and Norman palaces to be found there?
You can follow up by shopping on some of Italy’s most cosmopolitan streets, including Via Belmonte, as well as hunting for souvenirs of quality ceramics, handmade jewellery and even Sicilian antiques. Top this off with a relaxing aperitivo in one of Palermo’s many wine bars and a delicious evening meal, alongside the locals, in a seafood restaurant in one of the side streets off the port, and you have the perfect city break.

Sicily is an excellent destination whether you want a beach wedding and a relaxing break, a traditional wedding in a hotel then a trip to a cosmopolitan city, a gastronomic wedding in one of the island’s many restaurants or agritourisms, or a wedding on a site of historical interest. It has a lot to offer for honeymooners, couples wanting to get married, and holiday makers, allowing you to choose the kind of break you want and even mix and match your activities to your hearts’ content.

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