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If you are getting married in Italy, it is likely that one of your reasons for choosing this beautiful country is the exceptional quality and variety of the food and wine. Italy has a strong eno-gastronomic culture, and many social events revolve around food and drink - all of which is invariably of excellent quality.

From famous dishes such as pizza, pasta and tiramisu, to wedding favourites like confetti (Jordan almonds) and wanda (wedding pastries), through to dishes little known outside of Italy such as pastiera napoletana (Italian Easter cake) and Sicilian arancini (fried stuffed rice balls), browse this section to find out more about Italian food and for ideas for your wedding breakfast.

Also in this section you can read about various Italian wines, be they reds like Chianti, Nero D’Avola and Valpollicella, whites like Falanghina, Soave and Gavi or even sparkling varieties like Prosecco, Pignoletto or Asti. There are delicious varieties of each, some well known overseas, others not, so if you are a fan of wine or just want to find out more, this section is for you.

norcia_tartufoWhoever visited Italy always brings back home wonderful memories. Not only the natural beauty of this wonderful country, but most of all unforgettable taste of Italian cuisine, one of best in the world. And to continue our culinary journey we are taking to the green hearth of Italy: Umbria.
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Pappardelle_with_Lobster_thumbEgg pasta is a delicious kind of italian pasta obtained adding eggs in a dough usually prepared simply with white flour and water. With this dough it is possible to create a lot of different kinds of pasta: taglioli, lasagna, ravioli, noodles etc. Do you want to know the secret to make pappardelle on your own? You are on the right place.


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carbonara_original_recipe_thumbAncient tradition and true love for food made the cuisine of Lazio one of most characteristic and true. Just like Carbonara, a simple but truly genius dish. Discover how to make it!

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The kitchens of the most beautiful and important italian locations on Dream Wedding Itay are opened. Today, let us introduce you the most requested plate in every wedding banquet at Villa I Tramonti, in the cosy and elegant Emilia Romagna.

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university_of_pizzaMargherita, Napoletana, Diavola, Capricciossa, Marinara... Who doesn’t know them? The most popular Italian fast food, pizza has stolen hearts of people all over the world. And practically all around the glob you can eat pizza, but nowhere else it is so exquisite as in Naples, a place where originally pizza was born.
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