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If you are getting married in Italy, it is likely that one of your reasons for choosing this beautiful country is the exceptional quality and variety of the food and wine. Italy has a strong eno-gastronomic culture, and many social events revolve around food and drink - all of which is invariably of excellent quality.

From famous dishes such as pizza, pasta and tiramisu, to wedding favourites like confetti (Jordan almonds) and wanda (wedding pastries), through to dishes little known outside of Italy such as pastiera napoletana (Italian Easter cake) and Sicilian arancini (fried stuffed rice balls), browse this section to find out more about Italian food and for ideas for your wedding breakfast.

Also in this section you can read about various Italian wines, be they reds like Chianti, Nero D’Avola and Valpollicella, whites like Falanghina, Soave and Gavi or even sparkling varieties like Prosecco, Pignoletto or Asti. There are delicious varieties of each, some well known overseas, others not, so if you are a fan of wine or just want to find out more, this section is for you.

tasting_italy_pesto_sauce_recipe_1With our gastronomical trips let us take you to Liguria, a place where sea fell in love with mountains, giving birth to genuine and delicious dishes. Find out recipe for the true and only spaghetti with pesto!
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Tasting_Italy_original_recipe_Venetian_recipe_of_peas_and_bacon_risotto__2Typical dishes from Veneto, where the biggest sin is an appetite of live enjoying Venetians. Find the original venetian receipt of the month!
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limoncello_original_recipe_italian_wedding_menuMany times on this website we have spoke about Limoncello, talinkg about is delicious taste, taking the opportunity to introduce the wonderful Amalfitan Coast. Now we go ahead, it's the moment of sharing with you the original homemade limoncello recipe. Everyone of you will be able to do it again at home.

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pasta_with_eggplants_best_recipe-norma_2Wonderful dishes full of contradictions just like the island itself. Discover Sicily with typical food, vines and unique traditions. Just like a painter uses his paintbrush and colors to create a masterpiece which will be admired by all the world, the same way Sicilians use local ingredients and palette of spices to create dishes which are famed all over the world.
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spaghetti_cacio_e_pepe_thumbThis is one of the most classic Roman pasta sauces, and though it is very simple just 4 ingredients, it does require care. Though some people add a few drops of olive oil, Roman purists frown at this practice, and We tend to agree with them. Let's take a look at the original recipe of Tonnarelli Cacio and Pepper.
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