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Italian liquorsIn every Italian family in the city as well as in little village guest were welcomed by offering them a glass of liquor: the famous Limoncello, Nocino, Nanassino or one of many others. Every family had its own recipe, and ways to prepare those low percentage blends, but one thing was common: the use of just natural extracts and aromas.

King of all liquors: Limoncello

Limoncello is made either with Sorrento or Amalfi lemons. The peel of fruits picked not more than 48 hours before are marinated in a solution of alcohol water and sugar for a month in well covered jugs. After gaining bright yellow colour that is about after 30 days a pan of boiled water and sugar with some alcohol is added and left to cool down. After 40 days more of resting we have it in the end, a true Limoncello! Stored in glass bottles in freezer it is an excellent digestive.

The Mulberry liquor

The Mulberry liquor is one of the most ancient blends, it originates from the interior parts of the Campania region. It has been produced since 17th century. In accordance with old traditions passed from father to son deep red coloured mulberries are left to marinate in 90° alcohol for 15 days. Than sugar syrup is added. This about 30 ° liquor with its characteristic sweet yet strong flavour and deep red colour is dunk as digestive.

The Nanassino

The Nanassino liquor made of prickly pears that grow wild especially in Amalfi and Cilento.  This liquor was offered on special occasions and during festivities. Made in the traditional way, exclusively homemade, it  is more or less a light yellow colour, and is always served cold.

The Concerto

The Concerto liquor was invented by monks of Tramonti san Francesco monastery. Its name comes from 15 herbs that are used to prepare it- so called concert. Those are left in alcohol for forty days and then mixed with syrup made of water, toasted barley and coffee, sugar and eventually  lemon or orange peel. Among the 15 herbs used for liquor are liquorice, fennel, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon,  edelweiss and peppermint, but exact doses are guarded in local pharmacies.

The Nocillo

Nocillo or nocino with its high alcohol content, 40°,  and dark colour is famous for its digestive properties. Made with green nuts left to marinate in alcohol for 30-40 days in glass bottles, the time passed the blend is diluted at cold temperature with sugar syrup with cloves and cinnamon. Left to rest at least two months before consumption.

The sweet Fragolino

Last but not least is Fragolino: average alcohol content, deep red colour, tasty and sweet. It is made by marinating fresh wild strawberries in alcohol from 2  to 10 days.  Diluted with sugar syrup it can be consumed immediately. Good for desserts, or to go with desserts.

A variety of liquors may be tasted in local shops, during your honeymoon for example, or you may use them as healthy and yet tasty toast for your wedding dinner.

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