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piadina_romagnola_recipe_wedding_thumbIt’s not a mystery that Italy is a paradise for food lovers. Though the best, most delicious and genuine receipts originate from old countryside homesteads. From lack of money and need for energy incredible dishes were created. One of them is piadina romagnola.
One of the most famous and traditional recipes from Emilia Romagna, the piadina romagnola dates back as far as the antic Roman times. Traditionally fried on a flat stone, called "testo" over a burning embers it is one of most simple and delicious dishes of Italian heritage.
The flat, round piadina originally was invented by peasants, as a part of so called “cucina povera” (the poverty cuisine) as a substitute of  bread, being a really filling and hunger quenching food. Prepared with simple ingredient, such as flour, salt and water piadina is to eaten cold or hot with various fillings, including salame, prosciutto crudo, cheeses , vegetable or in more modern, sweet version with Nutella, honey or marmalade.
Well, though alongside Adriatic sea especially in summer time you find many little kiosks selling ready piadina to tourists and locals you don’t really need to travel as far as Italy to taste it. For in your kitchen you surely find ingredients to prepare a piadina… Than the filling depends only on your taste and imagination.

How to prepare piadina romagnola in your own house?

First of all, the ingredients. We will keep to the ancient, traditional recipe, which excludes use of milk or yeast:

  • A rolling pin
  • 2 1/4 pounds (1 k) unbleached flour
  • A heaping tablespoon (20 g) of salt
  • A little less than 1/2 pound (200 g) rendered lard
  • Hot water


Either a large (12 inch, or 30 cm) diameter non-stick skillet or griddle. On your working board make a heap of flour. On the top of it put lard and some salt. Mix well, adding gradually hot water to hold the dough together, but not too much – a coup at the most. Work into ball, which has to elastic and smooth. Let it rest for at least a half hour.
Next dived into ten smaller balls, each one of them flatten into disc with your fingers and roll it out, trying to make piadina as round as possible. The thinner you roll it out the better is.
When finished rolling out, heat your skillet or griddle over a brisk flame. When the skillet is hot drop on the first pidina. Cook on one side until bone white with dark spots, turn and cook the other side. Reaped with all piadinas. The total cooking time for one piadina is about 4 minutes.
And voila! You have ready delicious and light dish. Now you can cut them or fill them with whatever you fancy. Buon appetite!

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