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Arco_dell__Elefante_best-italian-venues-for-honeymoon_thumbSo near to Africa (just 60 km away from Tunis coast)  lies the Sicilian Island of Pantelleria, called the “black pearl of the Mediterranean” . The little volcanic island in the province of Trapan is one of many marvels the Mediterranean hides.


Blue sky, clear water and amazing panoramas of sometimes gentle, sometimes dramatic shores and large black stones of volcanic lava are truly impressive. But the beauty and wildness of the nature is not all the Pallanteria has to offer to its visitors. Exquisite local cuisine of delicious sea food dishes are only part of the Island’s culinary tradition. The black volcanic land is perfect for growing grapes. And in many vineyards of Pallanteria one of best renown vines is being produced: the Passito.


It is a sweet, dessert wine of delicate, amber colour, perfectly matching desserts consisting of cakes, preferably dry pastries with jams made of slightly sour fruits: cherries, black currants or fruits of the forest, as well as with typical Sicilian biscuits made of almond paste. The chocolate based desserts, mature cheeses or even foie gras served with this wine will taste really divinely.
The history of its production has more than two thousand years. Already in 200 BC the Carthaginian general, Magone was describing the process of Passito’s making. Since then nothing has changed. The antic procedure is being followed through centuries, assuring  superiority of this wonderful vine.
The grape harvesting take place only in September, but can start even in August, and it is always done by human force – the hand picking. Caused by the particular aridity of the land the harvest is always scarce, but the productive limits are fully rewarded by the quality of the product.  After the harvesting the grapes are selected and left to dry in traditional stinnituri, but the drying process can also be done by leaving the fruits on the plans, taking advantage of the sun and wind. The drying process last until the weight of dried grapes is 60% less than the initial. When ready, grapes are being squashed down and left to rest in steel containers. According to the law the Passito cannot be drunk until 1st July the year after harvest. This exquisite vine is recognized as DOC since 1971.


To stay in Sicily without visiting Pallanteria and having a sip of Passito would be a shame. Wonderful views, hot and dry clime, and of course warm hospitality of islanders are factors for which it is really worth to pay even a short visit to Pallanteria, so easy to reach from Sicily. Who knows, maybe you are planning a wedding or a honeymoon there? In this case we have a perfect venue for you:
Castello Camemi is one of the most wonderful venue based in Sicily. History, charm and unique atmosphere are all you need to organize your truly magic wedding  or a romantic honeymoon.
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