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italian-cappuccino-best-italian-deliciousWhat will you have for your breakfast on a sunny panoramic terrace in some astonishing Italian venue, admiring the sunrise? A cup of tea? A coffee perhaps? What true Italian would have is a little cap, the famous Italian Cappuccino.

Wonderful, warm and so tasty cappuccino probably takes its name from the colours of Capuchin monk robes: light brown with a white hood. Of course every one of you knows this delicious coffee drink, so there shall be no need to describe it.
Invented in early 1900s, the Cappuccino grew even more popular with time passing. So instead of trying some coffee flavoured milk drinks from Mc’s or somewhere else find out how to prepare delicious Cappuccino the way they do it in Italy, where barrista is considered a profession.
First and most important are the ingredients: a shot of good quality espresso and milk. Actually the successful Cappuccino making depends in everything from milk temperature and texture. In fact Italian barristi  are such masters in this matter that they never have to spoon out the froth: all milk is creamy, integrated mix. Use the steamer and to stem your milk: the mixture you get in the end should be one temperature, not a hot milk with cold froth over it.


Than pour espresso to a 1/3 of a cup (you may use more if you prefer stronger drink) and proceed with milk pouring to fill the cup. The little air bubbles closed in milk will be relived forming on a top a wonderful layer of milky foam. Sprinkle a little of powdered cocoa on a top, place on a table near your croissant... A breakfast which will wake up even the most lazy ones!
In Italy Cappuccino is very popular in the morning hours, and no Italian would imagine to drink it after lunch. The true is in Italy it is drunk only till 10 a.m.
You may think it is a madness to drink warm coffee drink during hot Mediterranean summer, when temperatures even at 6 in the morning are high above zero. But there is a way to it, for classic cappuccino has its younger brother Iced Cappuccino, which is a cold version with smaller amount of milk froth on it. But you won’t find these in all Italian cities, in Milan for example a substitute for Iced Cappuccino is “gelato da bere”or “shakerato” , first made of gelato and espresso, while the second is a shake made of espresso and crushed ice.
In Italy a Cappuccino means “CAPPUCCINO”, which can be done with decaf coffee, there’s no use in asking small, medium or large. Cappuccino is a measure in itself!
Here we have for you an amazing, overlooking sea venue, where to be sure Cappuccino taste at its best especially if drunk on sunny terrace in a company of beloved one. Discover the beauty of...

Casa Angelina



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