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risotto-al-limone-recipe-thumbRisotto, one of most famous dishes from Italian cuisine. Traditionally associated with Northern regions, risotto has made its way on the tables of South. Today we serve risotto al limone!

Among thousands of Italian receipts, some hundreds are dedicated to risottos. You surely cooked some of them, but bet you never heard about Risotto al limone, traditionally prepared in Sorrento Coast. The fusion of northern tradition with southern flavors, makes this risotto a truly unique and delicious plate. Light and fresh will charm you with its simplicity. This dish does not require any competencies of high class, Michelin starred chief. You can easily prepare it yourself, with simple ingredients which surely you shall find in your kitchen. There’s one bad thing about risotto though… all this stirring you have to do! But for true risotto’s lovers to work out their arms means nothing compared to a steaming plateful of favourite, creamy risotto!


So let us start, but first of all a few words about risotto’s basic ingredient.
The most important ingredients of course is rice. The best, and most often used for risottos making is Italian Arborio, which is a fat, starchy, medium grain rice. Next important thing is cooking stock or broth if you prefer. The amount of cups of stock used for risotto varies depending on kind of risotto and ingredients used, for example if you use white wine on the beginning, than you use less broth. Which broth is best you will ask. Well, the homemade one of curse is far more superior over an instant broth, but if you use the last you will still finish up with delicious dish! Butter or olive oil? Some recipes require butter for it goes perfectly with creamy flavour of parmesan cheese. But if you opt for healthier food you may use olive oil, but the final taste of risotto will be slightly different.
Now, armed in such a precious knowledge and advices, being almost risotto experts we can start!

Here is what you will need for your risotto al limone:

300 grams Arborio rice
half glass white vine
5 cups vegetable broth
freshly grated parmesan
2 tea spoons of butter
fresh parsley
1 lemon


First of all prepare your lemon: grate carefully the yellow part of the peel from entire lemon. Put apart. Cut the lemon in halves and squeeze the juice from one half.
In a pan melt one tea spoon of butter and slowly add in rice, roasting for about three minutes. Meanwhile in another pan bring the broth to boil. Splash your roasted rice with ½ lemon juice and half  a cup of white vine. Leave to evaporate.  Stir well, adding little by little vegetable broth and cook for about 10 minutes. Add the grated lemon peel, salt and pepper. When almost ready turn off the flame and leave to rest for a moment. Add one teaspoon of butter, parmesan and chopped parsley.
Delicious, simple and cheap! A dinner from sunny Italian coast of Sorrento.
This dish originated from Sorrento nowhere will taste as well as on sunny Sorrento coastline. One of perfect locations where to try risotto al limone is a wonderful

Grand Hotel Royal

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