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university_of_pizzaMargherita, Napoletana, Diavola, Capricciossa, Marinara... Who doesn’t know them? The most popular Italian fast food, pizza has stolen hearts of people all over the world. And practically all around the glob you can eat pizza, but nowhere else it is so exquisite as in Naples, a place where originally pizza was born.

Neapolitans have very long and strong culinary tradition, but dishes such as pasta with cauliflower, lasagne or even frittele con alghe (fried dough with seaweeds) are not so famous as pizza. This delicious meal is over three thousand years old, but the form we know today, it has taken in 19th century in the city of Naples, which until now has no equal as for the pizza making. Firstly considered a poor dish, it gained its fame thanks to the Queen Margherita, who happened to visit Naples. The pizzeria Brandi, which the Queen visited, prepared three different flavours of pizzas, of which one resembled Italian flag: tomatoes for red, basil for green and mozzarella for white. This concoction stole the Queen heart and accordingly was named after her. And so, the Queen started a new trend among the nobles to visit Naples in order to try humble dish.


Being the birthplace of pizza, Naples of course has a strong history and tradition associated with it. And as it is the most important events regarding pizza are taking place here of course. One of most renown, but not very old, for organized for five years is Università della Pizza (Universty of Pizza), a project which is a sole initiative for pizzerias to give answers to modern customers requests. It is also a association of pizzaioli and pizzerias which believe in improving their abilities in order to give as much as possible to their clients.
This year edition of Pizza Up is scheduled for 23 may will be a cycle of discussions, meetings and debates about pizza, techniques for its preparation and ingredients. Of course one thing cannot be missed – the degustation, which will be conducted by Renato Bosco and Gino Sorbillo, two pizzaioli (pizza makers) and, according to its title Pizza a 4 mani (pizza on four hands) will consist on degustation of two slices of different pizzas at time to be tasted together, to fuse the perfectly the modern Neapolitan pizza with traditional taste of sourdough and flour of Petra.

But Naples with its love for pizza is not the only place to visit on wonderful Mediterannean coast in Campania. This enchanting land is full of surprises, wonders and treasures just waiting to be discovered. Hidden, desolated beaches, little towns with paved tight streets, and of course wonderful hotels and villas where to stay and enjoy the beauty of Mediterranean. A part from luxurious hotels, Sorrento has amazing villas, such as Villa Giusso, a dream from place where to rest, love and eat far from troubles and worries of everyday life. A magic place, immersed in green vineyards and olive groves, it overlook the gulf of Naples. Perfect venue for a wedding or a honeymoon, where hospitality combined with great attention to guests desires make all dreams come true. Find out more about...

Villa Giusso

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