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The kitchens of the most beautiful and important italian locations on Dream Wedding Itay are opened. Today, let us introduce you the most requested plate in every wedding banquet at Villa I Tramonti, in the cosy and elegant Emilia Romagna.



Lasagnetta gratinata con guanciale, Mora e pecorino su guazzetto di fave, or it's better saying "baked lasagna with guanciale, sausage and pecorino cheese on fava bean stew" born by the talent of chef Davide Ponterieri. Mora is a particular kind of romagnol sausage, produced from breed pigs raised in the wild, named Mora Romagnola. It's very easy to prepare, and it looks elegant so it's perfect to be served at the sunday lunch.


Ingredients For 4 Person

17.637 ounces of egg pasta

10.582 ounces of sausage

10.582 ounces sheep’s milk ricotta

3.5274 ounces ripened grated cheese

3.5274 ounces of peeled fave

1.7637 ounces of guanciale

1 tomato

2 cups of vegetable broth

chopped mint

4 aluminum molds


How to prepare it

Roll out the dough very thin, making 4 square of 3.937 inch on each side.

In the meanwhile, put a pan on the fire with sausage and cipolla chopped. Let them baked slowly and then mix them with ricotta and pecorino cheese. You have to take care often about the taste of filling. If it needs more salt, add other pecorino.

After you rolled out the dough, you can bake it in boiling water for 2 minutes.

Drain the pasta and put it fastly in a bowl with water and ice, because it have to be cold soon.

Dry the pasta and put it into the molds, insert the filling of cottage cheese andsausage, finally bake them all.

At last, you have to prepare the stew. Cut the bacon (or guanciale) into cubes and put it in a pan with few olive oil, peeled fave (beans), tomato and vegetable broth, baking for 10 minutes. The broth have to become the half.

When lasagnas are ready remove them from the mold, fill a plate with the stew, add some mint, and lay the lasagna in the middle.

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