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carbonara_original_recipe_thumbAncient tradition and true love for food made the cuisine of Lazio one of most characteristic and true. Just like Carbonara, a simple but truly genius dish. Discover how to make it!

What to eat while visiting Lazio and its major city Rome? Are there any particular dishes which visitors cannot miss? Or maybe some food surprises which better to avoid? Discover with us the marvelous cuisine of ancient Latinum.

It is a place where the history of one of most powerfull empires started. Latinum, actually known as Lazio is divided in five provinces: Rome, Viterbo, Rieti, Frosinone and Latina, each of them sharing the long cultural tradition of ancient times. The art, architecture and culture spread by Romans are alive till now day. And so is the cuisine, which however with time passing changed its character a bit. And it has some good sides, for probably only bravest of the braves would try tipycal for ancient Rome dishes such us stew with  pig’s uterus or breasts which were considered speciality. But luckly for us things changed, with only one rule to follow: be as simple as you can.

In fact the modern Lazio cuisine is based upon fresh seasonal products from local farmhouses: vegetables, meats, legums and grains. The last one you can find under the form of so well known pasta, without which no one can imagine Italian cusine. So well known “Penne alla Arrabiata” with hot peppers and tomatoes, or “Bucatini alla Amatriciana” made with bacon, tomatoes and pecorino cheese are just few examples. Very popular though in Rome are non pasta dishes, among which the best probably are “Gnocchi alla Romana” which are kind of dumplings with parmesan cheese. Wines from the region of course have long tradition as well as olive oil making for seconds: meats!


Pork which was so much appriciated by Romas now probably is best known as Porchetta, which is lean pork filled with salt, balck pepper and, garlic and fennel seeds. Veal with prosciutto cotto slices, spiced with sage, so called "saltimbocca alla romana" is another good example of delicious temptations from Lazio.

Wait a moment! Where is the loveliest and most waited for part, the sweets? Oh, don’t worry, there are so many that just to chose will make your head swirl. Very traditional cake is Pangiallo, made with flour, honey, pine seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, candied orange and cinnamon. One of characteristic ingredients for local sweets and cakes is ricotta, an ingredient for delicious crostata alla ricotta.
But especailly for you we have a recipe for a delicious pasta dish, which probably you know very well, for it is often served in restaurants all over the world. Spaghetti alla Carbonara, just the way Romans do it!

What will you need? (for 4 person)

1 package of spaghetti pasta (500gr)
4 really thick slices of bacon
4 eggs
1 spoon of butter
grated parmigiano reggiano (as much as you like!)
freshly grounded black pepper


Cut the bacon in cubes (not too small) and put it to fry with butter until little crisp. Set apart. In bowl place eggs with salt, pepper and parmiggiamo cheese. Beat until well mixed. Cook the pasta till al dente, take away the water. Place pasta in a pen with bacon, add the egg mixture and cook for a few minutes over low flame stirring well, until eggs are slightly thickened.
Remember: No Italian will ever add cream to their carbonara!

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