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norcia_tartufoWhoever visited Italy always brings back home wonderful memories. Not only the natural beauty of this wonderful country, but most of all unforgettable taste of Italian cuisine, one of best in the world. And to continue our culinary journey we are taking to the green hearth of Italy: Umbria.

The most characteristic thing about Umbrian cuisine is its simplicity and huge quality of ingredients. Based upon grains, beans, cereals and seasonal vegetable it is one of most healthy and best equilibrated diet.  Fresh, local products such as best quality olive oil, mushrooms, among which the famous black truffle are ingredients with which incredible and unforgettable delicacies are prepared. In fact probably the most characteristic Umbrian dish is spaghetti or strangozzi pasta with truffle. As in south for first course you’ll almost always get a plateful of pasta, in Umbria you can chose something else, for soups are important element of daily diet, with two leading soups, one made with chick peas and another one with chestnuts.

Tasting Italy: coglioni di mulo Umbriavia

Well, don’t think that they are vegetarians, not at all! The city of Norcia and it’s zone are famed all over the world for its cured meats, till the point that word “norcino” became a term used in Italian to indicate all kind of meats prepared in certain way. Who happens to be in this place will be able to savor incredible variety of meats from boar sausages to Ciauscolo which is made with the pork’s shoulder, bacon and fat all minced over three times. Just spread it on the piece of local bread and a wonderful feast ready!


Ok, the sweet toothed will be wondering “Are there no cakes?!” There are, don’t worry, though mostly reserved for festivities or religious ceremonies. Usually baked, prepared with almonds, spices and candied fruits are part of long tradition. Probably best known example is Panpepato, which is kind of sponge cake prepared for Christmas. But there is something else… In Perugia little kisses are produced, no kidding. The “Baci” (kisses) chocolates wrapped in characteristic silver, blue starred foil with love note attached are delicious creation of over hundred years old tradition.
Now surely you dream about visiting Umbria to have possibility of tasting all those delicacies. But Dream Wedding Italy  decided to bring a piece of Umbrian tradition into your kitchen. For our dear readers a receipt for tasty Sunday lunch:

Potatoes and tomatoes baked pork’s steak
To prepare it you will need:
4 pork’s steaks
4 potatoes
4 ripe tomatoes
1 onion, some garlic
Fresh parsley, butter, olive oil, salt and pepper
Peel potatoes and slice them, the same with tomatoes. Chop together onion, garlic and parsley. In butter smeared baking tin layer half your vegetables: potatoes, chopped parsley with onion and garlic, tomatoes, oil, salt and pepper. On the top place the meat, which is to be covered with another layer of vegetables in the same order. Place in the preheated oven for about half an hour, shaking the tin from time to time as to save the food from sticking.
Well? Easy and delicious, as most Umbrian dishes. Of course to be served with Umbrian red vine such as delicious, strong Cabernet!
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