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pumpkin-cheesecake-new-italian-recipe-thumbA queen of autumnal cuisine! Specially for you a truly gorgeous and delicious recipe for this sweet November and autumn dessert: a pumpkin cheesecake!

Many will say that pumpkin isn’t a perfect example of Italian vegetable, and I have to agree, for probably it originate from Mexico, where most ancient pumpkin seeds were fund. The fact remains, that in Italy it was known since the times of great geographical discoveries, or simply form times of Christopher Colombo, who in 1492 discovered the new land full of riches which were imported in Europe. No matter if it was for Colombo or for pumpkin itself, this healthy and delicious vegetable won a timeless position on the list of most liked  ingredients of Italian cuisine. For thanks to pumpkin delicate taste, it is possible to prepare it in many ways: as starters, sauces, pastas and desserts of course! Ravioli filled with pumpkin, delicious creamy risotto from northern Italy or (if candied) additive to Neapolitan pastries.

Of course a very important part of Halloween festivities: the hollowed and cut into lampions pumpkins are now the symbol of the feast as much as witches, skeletons and zombies. But there is another way to incorporate it into your life: thousands of wonderful and fragrant dishes to be prepared with it!


Here we got for you a recipe which will be not only perfect desert for Halloween parties! The tasty and tempting variation of a cheesecake: try our recipe for pumpkin cheesecake!

What will you need

For the crust

200 g Digestive biscuits
100 g unsalted butter
3 tsp of cocoa (not sugared one)
½ tsp ginger

For the filling

150 g  cane sugar
½ tsp ginger
½ minced clover nails
some grated nutmeg
a pinch of salt
450 g of cream cheese
3 big eggs
250 g pumpkin’s purée
1tps vanilla extract

For topping

250 g sour cream
50 g white sugar
1tps vanilla extract

How to?...

Even is the list of ingredients is quite long, this is one of most easy cheesecakes to prepare ever! So get ready...
First of all you’ll have to prepare the crust: mince the biscuits and cocoa together. Melt the butter (careful to not burn it – you can do it over a steam). Mix those two ingredients together adding the ginger. With spoon distribute over the baking tin, pressing the butter biscuit mix. Place in the fridge.

Than we can proceed with filling preparation: blend well the sugar with spices (you can taste the mix to see if the flavour is to your liking or not). In a bowl whip the cream cheeses until really soft. At this point you’ll have to add the sugar mixed with spices, the vanilla extract. Continue to whip. Add eggs – one at the time, still whipping. Do not add next egg until the first one is well mixed into cheese. As the last ingredient you’ll have to mix in the pumpkin puree. Stir all well until well mixed. Now pour the cheese – pumpkin mixture over the taken from oven biscuits and butter base. Bake for 30 minutes in 180° C, then lower the temperature to 165° C for 15 minutes. Still at the same temperature add the topping (mix together sour cream with sugar and vanilla) and bake for another 10 minutes...
And there you are! Decorate the top with some candy spider webs and chocolate spiders: perfect for a comfy evening with friends!

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