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sweet-with-limoncello-recipeSorrento, the land of sea, wonderful beaches, sun and of course lemons. Discover with us most delicious and lovely dessert: delizie di limone.

What comes to your mind when you think Sorrento? Holidays, sun, sea, blue sky. And lemon groves growing over terraced mountains. Lemon has been the symbol of Sorrento coast for long time, but just recently their taste was captured into little, creamy yellow cake, which fast enough became as famous as the Limoncello. Delizie al limone are composed of sponge cake, layered with lemon cream and covered with fresh whipped cream. A perfect way to finish Italian dinner or just to gorge yourself during your holidays.


However, now days when so many couples resign from the traditional wedding cake, Delizie al Limone, just like so famed cup cakes may be an original and so tasty alternative to expensive and often better looking than tasting wedding cake. Especially for you, we have a recipe for these delicious sweet cretions. Don’t worry, for it only look difficult!

Here are the ingredients

For sponge cake
6 eggs
150gr flour
200gr sugar
grated peel from 1 lemon
baking powder

Place in a bowl entire eggs, lemon peel and sugar. Beat until foamy, than add flour (a little at time) and baking powder. Fill half ball shaped baking tins and bake in 180 C for about 20 minutes.

For lemon cream

1lt milk
200gr sugar
100gr flour
6 egg’s yolks
2 lemons
1 bag vanilla extract
100gr cream
1 shot Limoncello

In a bowl mix together yolks, sugar, flour and vanilla. Slowly add milk, stirring well so it doesn’t go lumpy. Add lemon peel and cook over low heat until cream is dense. Take out the lemon peel, leave to cool. When cold, add a shot of Limoncello and whipped cream.

For Limoncello cover cream

500gr cream
300ml Limoncello
200gr Crema al Limone
grated peel of 1 lemon
Mix all ingredients until resemble a béchamel sauce.
For lemon splash:
200ml water
100ml Limoncello
3 table spoons sugar
1 lemon

In a small pan let boil the water with lemon peel and sugar until thickened a little. Take off the flame and let cool for a while. In the end add the Limoncello.

Now that al creams are ready we can proceed. Cut the base of every single little sponge cake, and using a little spoon take out some of the soft, internal part. Splash with the lemon syrup, and fill with lemon cream ( the first one prepared), than  close with the base. To serve the Delizie you can use a single serving plate, but for more lovely, wedding look we advice to  serve them separately, for example in a paper cup like ones we use for cupcakes, or little, dollies like paper plates. So on each one of your tiny paper plates place some of the béchamel like Limoncello cream, atop place the lemon filled mini sponge cakes. Cover with Limoncello cream and decorate with some lemon peel or candied lemon.
Well, was it so difficult? Even if, the result is worth of every effort! But for those lazy ones or lucky enough to visit Sorrento, here is the place where surely best Delizie are served:

Villa Eliana

Wedding in Sorrento

Villa Giusso

Villa Giusso

Relais Regina Giovanna

Relais Regina Giovanna


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