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chocolate as place makersWhen you think of a country for chocoholics, you might not automatically think of Italy, but it is actually the country that officially boasts the best chocolate in the world, making it a perfect wedding or honeymoon destination for those who can’t get enough of the stuff! For a bit of temptation and some ideas on a chocolatey wedding, read on...

Italy is one of the world’s best destinations for chocolate lovers. The fact is that a Tuscan chocolate producer has won the accolade of the best chocolate in the world.  
Italy is also home to the best chocolate ice-cream you could dream of, prepared with pride in a variety of styles, from milk, dark and white to chocolate with chillies, chocolate with raspberries, chocolate orange and more. It can be found in bars and gelaterie in every Italian town.
Gianduja, a rich, melt in the mouth paste of chocolate and hazelnuts that originated in Turin is also used to make ice-cream and is a favourite across the country. Other chocolate specialities include Alpini, which are filled with liqueur cream, and Baci from Perugia, which are dark chocolate hazelnut pralines.
If you fancy a rich, creamy chocolate treat in Italy but it is cold outside, then try Italian hot chocolate. This hot chocolate makes anything else look positively anaemic, as it is so rich, dense and chocolatey that you can practically stand a spoon up in it!
So if you are a chocoholic you have probably gone to raid the cupboards or book a flight to Italy by now, but what about your wedding? Something you love so much is bound to be a welcome addition to the celebrations, but how?
We have a few ideas...

Chocolate wedding favours are likely to be appreciated by most if not all guests, after all few can resist the melt in your mouth sweetness of chocolate!  The traditional number of three sweets in wedding favours also lends itself to a chocolate theme: One white, one milk, one dark.

A chocolate colour theme is classy and elegant, with tones of cream, café latte and chocolate brown. You can incorporate this into your big day by using these colours in your decorations and by making chocolates a part of your  table centrepieces. For atmospheric lighting, try chocolate scented candles.

The menu can easily have chocolate incorporated into it, with desert of course! The only problem is deciding what to have. As you are in Italy, why not try an exquisite tortino al cioccolato, a popular little chocolate cake, filled with rivers of melted, velvety dark chocolate...

For fun at the reception you might consider chocolate based finger food or even a chocolate fountain for guests to make their own chocolate skewers. Depending on the season you might also want to offer chocolate ice cream as a refreshing summer treat or that rich, smooth Italian hot chocolate if it’s chilly outside...

The cake also has to be chocolate of course! You could try a traditional three tiered cake with one white, one milk and one dark layer, or individual chocolate cupcakes, or even a mountain of profiteroles. If you choose the last option, have a waiter serving your guests or you risk the entire construction being knocked onto the floor!

Ever considered edible place markers? A new trend in Italy, place cards made of chocolate and other sweet treats are a great idea for something a little bit different, and can double up as favours. They come in many forms, including cakes, hearts and roses, so the final result is up to you.

So, if you are a chocolate lover and getting married in Italy, then you will be in seventh heaven! Even if you don’t want to have a chocolate themed wedding, a honeymoon in Italy will still give you plenty of opportunities to sample your favourite treat at its very best.
Now, where did I put that Nutella...?

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