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GrapesAlthough Lazio is not well known as a wine producing region, there is one bottle that has by now become synonymous with the great city of Rome. This wine, Frascati, has been produced in the area for over two thousand years, and has earned the name “vino dorato” or golden wine, owing to its colour and, of course, to its economic value.


Made from Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes, along with local varieties,  this DOC wine comes in a variety of styles, being either sweet or dry, still or sparkling (spumante). As the grapes can be used in varying proportions depending on the producer, the wine can have quite different flavours from bottle to bottle. Malvasia, for example, adds a citrus tang and lemony nose, while Trebbiano  provides floral notes and the local varieties give each label its own very individual character, meaning that two kinds of Frascati never taste the same, despite sharing a name and some basic characteristics.
If you are having a wedding or honeymoon in Rome, and want to sample some of the local wine, then you might be asking yourself what kind of food it is best drunk with, so here are a few pointers:
Pasta dishes include the typically Roman spaghetti alla carbonara (the Italian version, so no cream!)and the cheesy, peppery spaghetti caccio e pepe. Any pasta dish using fish, such as spaghetti with clams, also goes beautifully.
Meat and Fish dishes, also known as “secondi”, can also go rather well with Frascati. Most dishes containing fish, especially delicately flavoured recipes such as grilled cuttlefish or roasted sea bass, can be eaten with Frascati, as can white meats such as lemon chicken or rabbit cacciatore.
Deserts, to be eaten with the sweet version of Frascati, include bittersweet Amaretti biscuits, doughnuts of all kinds, ice creams and the pupazza di Frascati,  a kind of biscuit made baked into the shape of a woman who, legend has it, used to feed children Frascati wine instead of milk to make them sleep. The biscuit has a delicate orange flavour that combines beautifully with the desert  version of the wine from which it gets its name.
So if you are in Rome, drink what the Romans drink, and if you are getting married there you could even request it as your banquet wine, menu permitting. Italy is a country with a tremendous variety of wines, and Frascati is certainly one to try.


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