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gelatoEveryone’s favourite summer desert, ice-cream is a real treat in the Summer in Italy under the heat of Mediterranean sun. It should come as no surprise then that some of the very best ice-cream in the world comes from Italy, where it is treated as a real gourmet food.

Ice-cream was probably brought back to Europe from Asia, after which various recipes evolved mainly in the Italian and French courts, leading to the delicious desert we are so fond of today. Italian gelaterie treat ice-cream making as a work of art, and take pride in using only the very finest ingredients resulting in a fresh product with a more intense flavour and lower fat and sugar content, as well as a shorter shelf life, than the commercial varieties we are used to.

Italians have played a very important part in the diffusion of ice-cream in the world, taking it to America and England as well as re-introducing it to the tastebuds of Paris. In addition, it was an Italian-American, Italo Marchiony, who invented the ice-cream dish you could eat - the ice-cream cone - in 1903.

Italian innovations with ice-cream never finish, and they continue to this day in the realm of flavours. Enter in any Italian gelateria and you will be astounded by the vast range of flavours to be found . From old favourites such as chocolate and strawberry, the flavours and colours of which are so intense and natural that you will never view ice-cream in the same light again, to pistachio, melon and coconut. Some places even make unthinkable sounding flavours such as garlic, fennel, and tomato and basil.

Italy in summer would not be complete without ice-cream, and there is no greater pleasure than strolling down a sunny cobbled street, or gazing out over the Mediterranean sea while enjoying the authentic flavours of a real Italian ice-cream. If you want to taste the best ices you could hope for, then a wedding or honeymoon in Italy is a great place to start.
Include ice-cream in your celebrations by serving it during the wedding meal, or even having an ice-cream wedding cake to keep cool. Delicious!

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