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bubbly weddingsThe first thing you think of when imagining a toast to the bride and groom, or the welcome drink at your reception is probably champagne, the original and the most famous. There is one thing about champagne, however, that doesn’t quite fit with an Italian wedding... well, its French! Italian bubbles can be just as delicious, so read on to find out more.

Italian fizz, or spumante, has taken hold in recent years, earning a place of honour alongside the more famous French and Spanish varieties, and often at a far lower price. But how do you choose the right one? It all depends on your tastes, how much you are planning on drinking, and the wedding menu you go for.  
Bubbles for a toast can be of any kind – as long as you like it, which is where you get the fun job of testing the varieties! This is not so much the case for fizz served with savoury canapés, the main meal or the cake. In the first two cases, it is best to lean more towards dryer wines, which in Italy will be marked with the word “secco”. When serving wine with desert or cake on the other hand, it is better to go for a sweet variety, which you can recognise by the term “dolce” on the label.
For something a little different, you could even try something colourful... Italy produces many sparkling rosés which most of us have seen before, tending to have a medium taste and a lovely summery colour. In addition, they have a vast range of sparkling reds which may seem more unusual to some, but which are often delicious with a dry, more complex flavour.

Our suggestions

Dry sparkling wines in Italy include some Proseccos, with a light, fresh taste coming originally from the Alpine area of Italy, and best with fish and white meat, as well as the extra dry Franciacorta Brut with an elegant, very dry flavour and a slightly spicy scent that make it a perfect match  for slightly stronger flavoured foods.
Sweet sparkling wines in Italy include Moscato spumante, a golden coloured slightly honeyed wine perfect for very sweet deserts including wedding cake, and Asti, slightly lighter in both colour and taste, which goes perfectly with fruit and chocolate based cakes and sweets.

Sparkling rosé wines in Italy include Trento Rosato which is delicate and lively with very fine bubbles, most suited as a toast on its own or with light canapés and Aglianico Rosato Frizzante which is produced both in Apulia and Campania, and has a stronger taste, going well with fish dishes and pasta.
Sparkling red wines in Italy are simply too many to name! Where there is a good red, you will often find a good sparkler to go with is. Our favourites are Brachetto from Piedmont which is an unusual red in that it is light and very sweet, ideal for desert, and Nebiolo di Alba, another Northern wine with a dry, fruity flavour ideal with meat and even game.

Whatever you choose (we say, why not choose a few?) bubbles are a truly delicious wedding tradition, and many weddings would just not feel right without them, so why not keep in with the Italian theme and save a bit of cash with a local fizz?

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