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Umbria jazz festivalFor music aficionados there are few places as good as Italy. Birthplace of the opera and many classical tunes,  as well as of the forerunners of modern pop music, Italy has a lot to offer and has not left its love of music behind, and there are famous festivals up and down the country, as well as a theatre in almost every city. One of the most famous examples of the Italian love of music has to be the presence of one of the most prestigious music festivals of all... the Umbria Jazz Festival.

With three venues, ranging from the Santa Giuliana Arena, large enough for even the biggest of big names, to the Teatro Morlacchi and the Oratorio Santa Cecilia, dedicated to pure jazz, both traditional and modern, to provide a real view of what Jazz as a genre has to offer today.

Aside from the official concerts, the festival also includes a variety of open air concerts across old Perugia for young and old, with styles including jazz (of course!) R&B, Soul, Blues, Latin and Pop. The setting will take your breath away, and the music will render it all the more magical.

Ten days of blissful music and incredible talent all in some of the most stunningly beautiful locations in Italy... what more could you ask for?

Riassunto: The Umbria jazz festival is a celebration of modern and traditional music, mainly jazz but also other genres, taking place in the beautiful city of Perugia – the perfect honeymoon spot for music lovers!

Visit the official Umbria Jazz Festival site for more information.

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