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italian-festival-jazzWonderful travel to the land of sublime chocolate and music. Perugia, the old, medieval  city in Umbria each year hosts the Umbria Jazz Festival, an event which brings to the city best jazz musicians, composers, singers and thousands of visitors.

For all those who loves music, there’s no better country to visit than Italy. The birthplace of the Opera and many classical compositions, as well as modern music such as pop. But there is one in particular mainstream in music which modern Italy is famous for – jazz, celebrated not only through the creativity of composers but by many festivals of which most important is Umbria Jazz Festival.

If any of you decide to visit Italy in July, the “must see” place without any doubts is located in wonderful Umbria, the chocolate famous Perugia, which is a paradise not only for those with sublime taste for sweets, but for music as well. For every year since 1973 this city become European if not world capital of jazz music. The huge success of the Festival in years to follow brings some problems to the city. In 1976 the crisis arose. The particular if not “extreme” part of the audience, who lives everything as a part of politic realty. In Italy those were called "years of lead". Considered this the Umbria Festival changed into a political manifestation with marches, policeman and an open encounter between political forces of Umbria. Those were reasons for which the Festival disappear for some years.


The year 1985 was important for the Festival, for the L’Associazione Umbria Jazz (Umbria Jazz Association) was founded to run all the aspects and organization of the Festival. Since then not much changed. The three locations:  Santa Guiliana Arena, Teatro Morlacchi and the Accademia Santa Cecilia are places of wonderful exhibitions of musicians, singers and composers, shortly all what jazz can offer. To start with good, classic jazz the concerts are taking place not only in the indoor venues where the entrance is to be paid, but as well outdoor, wonderful possibility for jazz lovers to take a part in this amazing event without spending a fortune. Though to hear the best jazz ever you have to buy entrance ticket to Teatro Morlacchi, where the most famous jazz stars are performing. The wonderful building of the Theater with its doomed ceilings  makes all the experience even more unforgettable.
This year the city will crowd with musicians and their fans for ten days: from 8th to 17th of July. During these days many famous and truly skilled musicians, band and singers will exhibit.
Well if you think that all this seems too chaotic for you are wrong. Perugia is a wonderful medieval city with one of most astonishing Old Towns in Italy. Many of its monuments come from Etruscan period: L’Arco Etrusco (Etruscan Arch); Porta Marzia, which is one of most famous part of Etruscans build  city walls, but the true soul of the city, has truly medieval character: Porta di San Pietro;  Torre degli Sciri of which just one remain intact and some wonderful palaces like Palazzo degli Priori, which till today is a centre of local city hall.
So to visit Perugia is not only a travel to Willy Wonka chocolate magic land but cultural and musical feast. If you happen to visit wonderful Umbria or to see the Festival or to get married in this wonderful place we have an amazing location...

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