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italian_vespa_lifestyle_-_thumbMade by Piaggio, which was founded in 1884, Vespa for Italians is more than only a mean of transport. It is a fashion, a life style and a symbol of Italy. A timeless and perfect vehicle for your Italian honeymoon!

The curvy roads of Italian costliness requires a special motor transport. And Vespa with its small size and low cost was just the bull’s eye. Easily accessible for all classes, especially in after war period it became the most popular vehicle in Italy. Its name comes from the shape of its body, which resemble a wasp (it. Vespa), a characteristic that can be seen even in modern models. Not only a way to move fast from one place to another, but as well a cultural symbol, way of life.  Now days the Vespa is famous across the globe on various rallies and trips, with specially famed and successful  too trip across the English channel.
All over the world for youngsters and older “youngsters” it is seen as a synonym of Italian life, which is still being looked for everywhere, no matter vintage or newer models.


Of course best way to see and enjoy Vespa is to do it in its natural habitat, that is Italy. A honeymoon or even holidays wouldn’t be complete without a trip on this gracious motor. Imagine curvy coastline roads with rocks on one and blue sea on the other side. Wind in your hair and of course your beloved as a driver. Speed and emotions. Than a short stop to go to the beach, maybe a coffee in one of delicious little bars. The travel continues through unknown but so beautiful places, finding new marvels behind every passed bend. Feel brave enough? Well, rent one and visit with us the wonderful island of Capri, where June 17th, 18th and 19th the International Rally “Capri on Vespa” will take place, a perfect opportunity to visit this wonderful island with most appropriated and characteristic mean of transport.
The program starts on Friday, June 17th in Yacht Club Capri at 5pm with official opening of the manifestation and Vespa exhibition. Next day, the Saturday at 9:30 am there will be the gathering of Vespa drivers in the touristic port, with departure half an hour later. On the rout of “The azure island on… Vespa”  are some of most astonishing places of magic island. Marina Grande, Capri, Anacapri, Punta Carena.




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