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Dante's Inferno - Pertosa CavesThe Pertosa caves in the Cilento national park are known for their great beauty and slightly eerie atmosphere, complete with stalactites, stalagmites and suggestive lighting -  what better place for a recreation of Dante’s great masterpiece, Inferno?

Part one of “The Divine Comedy”, Dante’s Inferno has captured the hearts and minds of readers across the planet in a way that few literary works have ever done. Discover the fascinating work of the author as you follow him into the depths of the Earth to meet characters such as Ulysses and Homer and explore the circles of Hell as represented by actors, dancers and other performers on a kilometre long journey of discovery.

A combination of contemporary art, incredible music, dance, theatre and poetry, this event brings Italian literary history to life in a truly unique way that will leave you moved and inspired, allowing you to explore these beautiful caves transformed in an extraordinary work of art to remember forever.

For more information visit the Show's official site.

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