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Vice President mr. Biden in CastellabateIt seems this summer is truly VIP season for Southern Italy. Not only models and people from cinematography world are visiting. Last week, the USA vice-president Joe Biden paid homage to the beautiful Campania.

Due to the Festa della Repubbllica (Republic Day) the 2nd of June Joe Biden with his wife Jill visited Italy. In Rome they met the president of Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, and after fulfilling their duties decided to take a short holidays in one of most astonishing places in Italy: Cilento Coast. Their visit of course involved many preparations and security reinforcement to assure the Obama’s vice privacy and tranquility.
The place chosen by Biden, who was listed by “Time” among the 100 most powerful people, was the town of Castellabate. And no wonder, for this beautiful location situated by shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea is quite rich in natural beauty and marvels. Inserted on UNESCO’s list the Natural Park of Cilento is an green oasis of peace and tranquility for those who want rest. The program did not included outside the location attractions such as visit of famous Greek Temples in Paestum. Short stay as it was the couple dedicated only and exclusively for rest and indulgence in their pleasure. The city of Castellabate was living in expectation, but as often happens nothing was announced to public. Even the mayor of the city didn’t really know what to expect. However in this lovely sea side place the American couple was welcomed by the president of the region Stefano Caldoro.

The Bidens are apparently great lovers of Italian cuisine so Cilento was great choice. For that matter their unexpected visit started with breakfast in hotel Raito in Vietri sul Mare, a little fishing village. It is said that both dignified visitors were deeply enchanted by the beauty of hotel’s panoramic terraces. Than their route continued to Cilento Coast, where they had dinner. In fact as the fame goes the Vice and his wife remained totally charmed by simplicity of regional delicacies. Among dishes and products served to politician were fusilli pasta with meat sauce (as reported Mr. Biden asked for second serving!), ravioli with goat’s ricotta, fried pumpkin flowers, the delicious and so simple caprese, and for the dessert of curse the famous Italian gelato (ice-cream).

Of course you’ll be wondering where the notorious couple stayed. Well, we are really pleased to inform that the “secret” location was prince Angelo Granito’s di Belmonte property Palazzo Belmonte, which is one of our most exclusive and luxurious venues. This 17th century charming place was originally build as a residence for the prince Belmonte’s family, which means it hosted over centuries the noble from all the world. Situated in truly enchanting place it has unique view of Capri and Ischia Island. Half hidden behind the wall of greenery it is a perfect place for rest and relaxation in complete intimacy. Delicious cuisine, professional service and first of all the incredible atmosphere of living in another world. Find out about this mesmerizing place.
Palazzo Belmonte: An oasis in a modern world


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