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villa_certano_building_thumbWhat is so magic in Tuscany that so many people want to visit and even more couples chose it as their destination wedding location? Well, we could speak for hours, but there are three factors which make Tuscany so unique: history, nature and of course food.

This wonderful Italian region has always been appreciated by many. Here great artists of word and paintbrush were creating some of their greatest masterpieces. Here Dante wrote poems to hail his beloved Beatrice, and genius Botticelli give life to his “Venus”. Here in ancient hamlets nobles were meeting to decide about the faith of their lands. And last but not least some of most delicious vines were planted here centuries ago, only to become famous till now days. All this, the incredible history of culture, art and life make Tuscan such an irresistible spot.
Many old buildings which survived throughout centuries without many changes, actually accommodate some truly mesmerizing hotels, where history though hidden, whispers from every corner, telling unbelievable tale  of olden times. One of such places is Villa Certano, located just 7 kilometers outside second important Tuscan city – Siena.


Among the secular vineyards and olive groves Villa Certano reside atop a gentle hill. This historic buildings complex belonged in Renaissance to the famous painter and architect Lorenzo di Pietra Vecchietta, as much as being a family possession of Baldassarrini Maccinellis. A rural construction which in interiors helds a beautiful church which existed already in 8th century. Shaded by old oaks and cedars of Lebanon, Villa Certano nowadays is a wonderful guest house, divided in 6 charming apartments, in which from 2 to 8 person can stay. But the particularity of Villa is something else. Here you can really live, not only dream about  Tuscan life at its best.


In this old suburb you’ll have possibility of tasting delicious olive oil from Certano Factory’s production. With great care olives are being picked and worked in 12 hours by cold squeezing out, which preserves natural taste and smell, so characteristic for the zone. Another delicious product from Factory is wine of course. Variety of whites and reds will surely satisfy tastes and likings of most picky vine lovers. To sweeten your life a natural delicacy is being produced as well: honey of the Acacia flowers. With it sublime taste and light color it resemble a liquid gold. Try it with fresh ricotta cheese!
But stay in Villa Certano doesn’t mean only lazy basking in the sun and delicious food eating. There are many activities for visitors, the outdoors as well as indoors. At Villa Certano you’ll have an opportunity to learn many useful thing, historically connected with the location. For food lovers there are courses of Italian cuisine with special dedication to the local dishes. The creative ones may try their forces with palette and paintbrush, while those who want the world to take new shapes should try the ceramic classes.
Villa Certano is a wonderful if not perfect location not only for your wedding, but as well for a relaxing family and friend stay. But be careful, for nothing come free: for all these attractions Villa will take away your heart, mind and soul!

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