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White_screen_brides_Watch_and_learn_from_the_best_Wedding_Movies_of_All_TimeIn a life just like in movies weddings sometimes happen to be quite unforeseeable events. So why not to take advantage of surprises having some fun?

Weddings are one of the most favourite subjects for directors and scriptwriters. Especially for those who specialize in comedies. Probably because weddings, even the real ones can sometimes be source of problems, chaos and misunderstanding which often lead to funny situations. So why not to watch some of them  during long autumnal evenings. May be you’ll find some wedding inspirations, learn some things but for certain you’ll have a good healthy laughter over them!

Runaway bride

The undisputable number one on our list is the good old
It is a perfect movie for cold feet… brides. Yes, for Julia Roberts plays the role of Maggie an attractive young women with a collection of engagement rings and several boyfriend left behind. We meet he in a moment in which after running away from 3 of her tempted weddings she’s completely taken by preparation to the fourth tentative. He unusual story reaches the ears of journalist Ike Graham (Richard Gere at his best!), who not having high opinion about women in general and about Maggie in particular decides to write not exactly flattering article telling about Maggie’s emotional problems. Of course the 4th wedding attempt turns out to be a failure just like three previous, followed by wonderful full page story in a newspaper… with happy end of course! So dear brides, if you are having problems with cold feet, this movie makes for you! Fun guaranteed!
For those of you having a never ending guest list the movie to watch is

My big fat Greek wedding

Basically it is a movie about what a wedding shouldn’t be like. Well, maybe not exactly, for the relationship of every couple should be as strong as this of Toula, a middle class, orthodox Greek American and Mike a white, non Greek protestant of upper middle class (Nia Vardalos and John Corbett). The couple has to face problems deriving from different cultural background. The great problem however is Toula’s huge family which is omnipresent as far as the wedding goes, having lots of advices, which as to say not always agree with tastes of the poor bride. All the same if lost in wedding preparations and tired of advisers you forgot why you’re getting married watch this! Funny disputes, crazy situations and of course an army of relatives make this movie a true spirit lifter!
However if you lifetime dream  since you were a little girl was a wedding you should definitely watch

Bride wars

A lovely comedy about friendship, love and weddings. Two girlfriends, Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Olivia (Kate Hudson)are two young women, more or less successful. When they were girls they often played wedding, now that that both got engagement the June wedding in Plaza became reality. There is only one problem: they events are being booked the same day! And here’s where all the fun starts, for neither wants to stand down from the wedding date. Backed up (as much as not) by their boyfriends, the two brides to be start war as to sabotage another’s wedding. Of course crisis comes, some bounds are broken, and some discovered anew. All narrated by a little bit cynical but most sought for wedding planner. Thinking about movie bachelorette’s evening? Well, you cannot miss this movie!

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