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body scrub for bridesWomen all over the world always took care about their looks. Especially for most important events. And what’s more important than their wedding day?  For you I dug out some old recipes that may be used in your home. Or you may want to organize a beauty wellness hen night for you and your friends?

The history of beauty care and tips is as old as world itself. The ancients were using many methods to render their bodies hairless and skin flawless. Some of those recipes included disgusting ingredients such as crocodile dung, placenta, urine. Others were poisons like white lead.
Did they work or not it’s hard to say, but some of them survived to modern times, being appreciated as natural cosmetics.

Let us give you some good old fashioned recipes for the most important of Italian products: olive oil.

It was used yet by the Romans to render their skin softer and to protect it from strong sun.
Nowadays it is prized for its cosmetic and nutritive properties.

Repairing hair conditioner: Apply 1/3 cup of olive oil at all length of your hair, wrap warmed towel and leave to rest for 20 minutes. Rinse. Remedy for fizzy hair and split ends.

Cracked feet: Rub the olive oil onto your feet before going to sleep, put on cotton socks. Leave till the morning.
Effects: Soft and healthy feet.

Another important beauty remedy is rosemary, probably most popular among beauty treatments herbs.
You can apply rosemary oil to your hair, but here we give a recipe for a... Rosemary oily skin mask: Take a few fresh rosemary sprigs, take away leaves and boil them for five minutes with a cup of water. Skim leaves (water you may use as tonic) add lemon juice from one lemon and blend it together. Apply on your face, leave for 15 minutes and wash away.
As well as cleansed your skin will be more radiant.

And a product Italy is famous for: coffee.
It’s well know that caffeine helps to fight with a nightmare that haunts many women - cellulite. It help microcirculation, and together with scrubbing helps to keep skin tight and smooth.
Well tell you now how to prepare it...

Coffee sugar honey scrub: Combine ½ cup coffee grinds with ¼ cup of brown sugar and 3 tablespoons of honey. Place olive oil over areas of cellulites and rub the mix for 5 minutes to exfoliate.

Mediterranean beauty tips so natural simple and yet working miracles. You can make them in your house, by yourself, using products everyone can find in the kitchen.

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