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aperitivo italianoThere is a moment during the days of Italians when everyone stops, bars fills up, and famous Campari or Aperol are served. About half an hour before lunch.
It is the aperitivo moment, a custom that may be nice surprise for your wedding guests,especially if you plan to have your wedding photos shot before dinner, the wedding day.

The Aperol Spritz

One of best known in the world Italian aperitif is Campari, whit which h you may prepare some delicious drinks and cocktails. Campari is a sweet bitter red Vermouth. Here goes the recipe for one of most liked Italian aperitif cocktails, the Aperol Spritz:

  • 1.5 oz Aperol
  • 2 oz sparkling wine
  • Splash soda

Build up all of the ingredients with ice in a rock glass. Add a slice of orange, and… delicious, simple cocktail ready to serve to your guests.

Martini Cocktail

Another one well known is Martini, white, red or lately pink. As a cocktail itself, it is meant be drunk plain, with a green olive dipped into, or mixed with other liquors, as a cocktails base. One of best liked in Italy aperitif based on Martini is Martini cocktail:

  • 8/10 Gin
  • 2/10 Martini white

Pour in an ice filled glass Gin and Martini, stir well. Serve in chilled cocktails glasses, do not forget to add a green olive and lemon peel.


Next in our list is Spumante, a white sparkling wine, an aperitif much liked by Italians, especially girls. Can be drunk plain, or with some adds, as nice, light cocktails. Most popular is Bellini:

  • 3/10 peach juice
  • 7/10 Spumante Brut

Build it up directly in a flute glass, pouring first the peach juice, and the Spumante next. No decorations necessary, unless you feel really creative.
Spumante can be mixed with other juices( strawberry, grapes, mandarin)you can create other wonderful, simple cocktails for your Italian aperitif reception.

The Appetizer

Those lovely drinks may seems to you light, but believe it or not, they can knock you out. Italians found a way to avoid unpleasant surprises of this kind, by serving with aperitif appetizers. Those can be: olives, peanuts, crisps, little canapés made with white bread or crackers.

You may simply use this idea to organize an aperitivo buffet, with platters full of rainbow colored little canapés, bowls filled with olives, peanuts, crisps and famous Italian taralli. I’m sure your guests will hugely enjoy this idea, and won’t be bored while you are having your wedding photo session.

And always remember to drink responsibly.

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