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arezzo_joust_golden_best_italian_venuesthumbSurrounded by beautiful Tuscan landscapes of gentle green hills, rises the city of Arezzo, called often the city of gold and art. A place really worth visiting for its architectonical, cultural and art traditions. Now famous for two things: the exquisite gold and the Saracen Joust.

One tradition is connected with another, for the prize for the Joust winner in a golden lance.
The history of the Joust starts probably in 13th century as a knight competition during which the target called Buratto, which represented the King of India, was to be hit by a knight riding a horse. Originally it was meant to be a military exercise, about which in his “Divine Comedy” writes Dante Alighieri.


The game was held in Arezzo all Modern Ages, being an important social event, mostly taking place when an important person was visiting the city. The Joust was a part of typical traditions of Arezzo till 18 century when it disappears, or at least its “noble” version. Then it was shortly restored in 19th century, and finally came back to its former glory since 1931. Modern Joust take place in Arezzo every year, the last but one Saturday of June (a night festival, dedicated to city’s saint patron, the san Donato) and another one game is organized in first Sunday of September.
Nowadays the Joust protagonist are four quarters of the city of Arezzo, and it starts in the morning with reading by the city Herald the proclamation of the joust challenge, followed by procession of costume characters and horses, which are being blessed by the Bishop of Arezzo by the steps of the Duomo (the Cathedral). The winner of those games is rewarded with Golden Lance.

And here enters another part of our history. Arezzo is one of the most famous cities in all the world for its goldsmith masters. In fact it has the highest gold consumption in all Italy, as well as the biggest gold fabric. The most wonderful products of this ancient art are being made exactly here. But the tradition of Golden Lance starts really in 20th century. On beginning it was a simple lance, with very classic ornaments, and one lance was used from one year to another, being just handed to actual winner, who then paraded with it thorough the city streets accompanied by inhabitants singing Te Deum.
Since 1978 Francesco Conti, one of the most notorious goldsmiths was appointed to be the designer of the prize, and so from the end of 80’s each one lance tells its own story, as being dedicated to one famous historic personage.


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